AGEA Review

AGEA Review

En esta revisión detallada de AGEA, nuestro equipo de investigación de corredores en línea ha cubierto algunos de los aspectos más importantes que usted debe considerar al elegir el mejor corredor para sus necesidades de comercio en línea.
Más Info
Las operaciones con CFDs conllevan un alto nivel de riesgo y pueden no ser adecuadas para todos los inversores.
  • Sofisticadas y potentes plataformas de negociación
  • Sin costes de refinanciación en la plataforma Streamster
  • Sin gastos de comisión
  • Bajas tarifas bancarias
  • Variedad de opciones de financiación de la cuenta
  • Cons
  • No se aceptan clientes de Estados Unidos
  • Recursos educativos limitados
  • Los márgenes no son los más bajos ya que tienen un margen de beneficio
  • Limitados activos que no sean FX para operar
  • AGEA is an online broker providing a range of assets to trade online via the intuitive MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and Streamster trading platforms. The broker offers commission free accounts but as a market maker, this does mean that they will mark-up spreads. There are a variety of account funding options but the educational materials provided are limited and they do not have any social trading platforms integrated. Furthermore, the non-FX trading instruments are lacking compared to other online brokerages who offer thousands of tradeable assets.

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    AGEA Review, Pros & Cons
  • Sophisticated & powerful trading platforms
  • No rollover costs in the Streamster platform
  • No commission charges
  • Low banking fees
  • Variety of account funding options
  • No US clients accepted
  • Limited educational resources
  • Spreads are not the lowest as they have a mark-up
  • Limited non-FX assets for trading
  • In this detailed AGEA review, our online broker research team have covered some of the most important aspects for you to consider when choosing the best broker for your online trading needs.

    AGEA Overview

    AGEA is a global brokerage offering high quality online trading services to traders with contracts for currencies, gold, silver and other instruments through a variety of intuitive trading platforms, all supported by a friendly team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel. The multinational team consists of financial professionals with decades of combined industry experience working together with computer experts shaping AGEA’s trading systems.

    AGEA are dedicated to continuous technical innovation and regular advancement of its services with the goal of providing traders with an effective, flexible and reliable trading environment. They ensure that traders experience the highest level of performance, reliability and security by taking advantage of professionally managed network data centers with fully redundant server arrays and internet connections. The brokers technical staff are fully committed to ensuring a maximum possible uptime for their service and 24-hour service accessibility.

    AGEA Regulation

    AGEA International AD is a regulated and exchange-listed investment company. AGEA continuously work with legal and compliance experts to make sure that the services they provide are fully compliant with all of the relevant local and international laws and regulations.

    AGEA International AD is regulated by the Commission for Capital Markets, formerly Securities and Exchange Commission of Montenegro, and is listed as a public company on Montenegro Stock Exchange with ticker symbol AGEA and with ISIN code MEAGEARA1PG8. The legal framework that regulates investment companies in the Republic of Montenegro is based on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which is an EU law that provides harmonized regulation for financial services across the EU member states.

    Client funds held with AGEA International AD are maintained in separate bank accounts at local and international banks, in line with relevant laws and regulations. This means that the fund should not be used for any other purposes such as business operating costs.

    AGEA Countries

    AGEA do not accept clients from the USA and some other countries due to restrictions imposed by regulators. Some AGEA broker features and products mentioned within this AGEA review may not be available to traders from specific countries due to legal restrictions.

    AGEA Platforms

    AGEA Platforms

    AGEA provides services through several trading platforms. You can browse through a list of trading platforms and available market instruments, read about their specifications, and decide what instruments you are interested to trade.

    Streamster Platform

    Streamster is a powerful yet compact and easy to use trading platform. Apart from its ease of use, Streamster has its own API for algorithmic trading. Its unique features include international multi-channel chat where traders can freely talk about the markets or any other topic and where customer support is provided to clients in real-time. Streamster also has both live and virtual trading desks within one trading account, unlike other brokers who may present a different set of rules once trading transitions from demo to live accounts. In addition to this, there is an integrated Account Center that allows traders to perform most of their account administrative tasks, like funds transfer, deposit and withdrawal. These features amongst many others make Streamster one of the standard trading platforms of choice at this brokerage.

    MetaTrader 4 Platform

    AGEA MetaTrader 4

    MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a popular trading platform that is used by millions of traders from all over the globe. It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyse price dynamics of financial instruments, perform trade transactions and create and use automated trading programs (Expert Advisors). There are several chart timeframes and types along with numerous built-in indicators that help simplify market analysis, determine trends, define various shapes and identify entry and exit points. It is a platform with its own programming language MQL4, specifically designed for trading. There is a built-in editor and compiler with access to a user contributed free library of Expert Advisors, custom indicators and scripts, making it a good choice for algorithmic trading.

    AGEA Trading Tools

    The trading tools offered by AGEA are all built within the provided trading platforms and will usually be more than enough for most day traders. These tools include news feeds, economic calendar and community chat. There are no additional standalone tools provided.

    AGEA Education

    Resources & Guides

    The broker has a few basic trading articles that can help beginners understand some of the basics of trading. The topics covered include introduction to the markets, trading strategies, technical analysis, etc. This is a very limited amount of educational materials compared to other brokerages who provide complete trading academies packed with trading guides, video tutorials, webinars and more.

    AGEA Instruments

    AGEA offer the following instruments for trading online:

  • Forex (62 FX currency pairs)
  • Stocks
  • 6 Indices
  • Bonds
  • 8 Funds
  • 6 Commodities
  • CFDs
  • AGEA Accounts & Fees

    AGEA offers a choice of quality trading platforms and flexible account types so that you can get the most out of your trading experience. The Streamster platform can be used by traders of all experience levels, whereas the MT4 platform is one of the most popular platforms in the world. There is a fee charged for each 12-month period without account activity.

    AGEA Account Types

    Streamster Account

  • Services Provided: Currencies, Index and Commodity CFDs
  • Trading Hours: Sunday 22:15 – Friday 21:00 GMT
  • Balance Limits: None
  • Leverage: 1:100
  • Commissions: None
  • Margin Interest: None
  • Execution Types: Automatic (1 second processing frequency)
  • Trade Sizes: 1+
  • Position Limits: Maximum 50 open positions per desk type (200 in total)
  • Volume Limits: Maximum USD 1,000,000 or equivalent (cumulative) in open positions
  • Trading Limits: Minimum 3 pips for target levels
  • Account Currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD
  • MT4 Accounts

  • Services Provided: Currencies, Index and Commodity CFDs
  • Trading Hours: Sunday 22:15 – Friday 21:00 GMT
  • Margin Interest: Currency swap rates, primary bank rates (CFDs)
  • Execution Types: Automatic (instant)
  • Position Limits: Maximum 200 open positions
  • Volume Limits: None
  • Trading Limits: Minimum 3 pips for target levels
  • Account Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF
  • Account Type: Standard

  • Balance Limits: Minimum USD 100
  • Leverage: 1:1 – 1:100 (initially 1:100)
  • Commissions: None
  • Trade Sizes: 1,000 – 1,000,000
  • Account Type: Cent

  • Balances and transactions are denominated in cents for trading with smaller amounts
  • Balance Limits: USD 6 – 5,000
  • Leverage: 1:1 – 1:100 (initially 1:100)
  • Commissions: None
  • Trade Sizes: 1,000 – 1,000,000
  • Demo Accounts

    Demo account are available to practice with virtual money before starting to trade on live trading accounts. Each user gets $10,000 of virtual money on the standard trading platform after account opening and this money can be used to practice trading. There is no time limitation on the demo practice accounts.

    Islamic Accounts

    Islamic trading accounts are available. This category of trading account is also known as interest free or swap free accounts. Islamic trading accounts permit clients of Islamic religion to trade on interest free accounts (Swap free or Rollover free) with no extra charge or penalty for the ability to trade in adherence with Islamic religious principles.

    Usually, Islamic trading accounts have higher spreads, generally one point higher than the standard accounts. AGEA does not differentiate between non-Islamic and Islamic trading accounts on its web-based and Streamster trading platforms and has introduced Zero-Interest policy on all open positions, meaning that there is no overnight interest charged or paid on open positions while trading on the default trading platform.

    For this reason, there are no conflicts between AGEA’s services and Islamic Riba prohibition on the web-based and Streamster trading platforms. Overnight Interest as a cost of carry associated with holding a position for more than one day is charged on MT4 platform offered by AGEA.

    AGEA Support

    AGEA offer customer support exclusively through sophisticated online facilities. The quickest and most reliable way to contact AGEA is by talking to them directly using the Live Support button on the brokers web site or through support channels within the trading platform. There is also a contact form you can use and they will efficiently direct your inquiries to the right person within the company. If you have any customer service or technical related issues you can also visit your account page and choose the support option. You will then be able to write a message to the AGEA support team and get assistance you need. There is a contact number on the website that operated from 08:00 – 16:00 CET / CEST (Monday – Friday).

    AGEA Deposit & Withdrawal

    AGEA have a variety of convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing funds from your trading account. This includes Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Qiwi and DixiPay. Please note that some methods may only be available to specific countries and not all are available for both deposit and withdrawal.

    Some fees may be charged when using certain payment methods. Withdrawal requests are processed within the same day or next if outside working hours. The withdrawal time can vary depending on the payment provider and method. Bank transfers may take a few business days to clear whilst some methods can be instant.

    Some payment systems may have transaction limits, restrictions, and requirements which are indicated on their respective websites. You may need to verify your account to remove limits on particular methods in some countries. AGEA strictly does not accept third-party payments. All funds deposited into your trading account must be under the same name as your AGEA trading account.

    Accounts can be opened USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD. The different currency options are beneficial as currency conversion fees do not apply when using an account in your own currency.

    As broker fees can vary and change, there may be additional fees that are not listed in this AGEA review. It is imperative to ensure that you check and understand all of the latest information before you open an AGEA broker account for online trading.

    AGEA Account Opening

    It takes around 5 minutes to fill out an online application form and then provide due-diligence documents. Once your account has been verified you will be able to fund it and start trading online with AGEA. Before you fill out the form and open your account, you should check the brokers price list, payment options and regulatory disclosures. You should also read the AGEA policies and procedures, listed on the website.

    AGEA Summary

    AGEA has a decent offering that can be sufficient enough for the average retail trader. There is a good choice of user-friendly trading platforms and account funding options. They have no commission accounts but that does mean they mark-up spreads. The customer support is very prompt, polite and efficient in their responses based on our experience. However, the non-FX asset range is very limited whilst they do not have many educational materials and no social trading platform integration. For those reasons, you may want to consider another broker from our best trading brokers list.

    best trading brokers list

    Trading of financial instruments involves substantial risks, including complete possible loss of principal plus other losses and is not suitable for all members of the public. You should make an independent judgment as to whether trading is appropriate for you in light of your financial condition, investment experience, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors.

    Min $1 Deposit

    AGEA is an online broker providing a range of assets to trade online via the intuitive trading platforms, MT4 & Streamster. The broker offers commission free accounts but mark-up spreads. There is a variety of funding options but limited educational materials provided.

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    Restricted Countries

    AGEA es un bróker global que ofrece servicios de negociación en línea de alta calidad a los operadores con contratos de divisas, oro, plata y otros instrumentos a través de una variedad de plataformas de negociación intuitivas, todo ello con el apoyo de un amable equipo de especialistas financieros dedicados y personal de apoyo técnico. El equipo multinacional está formado por profesionales financieros con décadas de experiencia combinada en el sector que trabajan junto con expertos informáticos que dan forma a los sistemas de negociación de AGEA.

    Más Info
    Las operaciones con CFDs conllevan un alto nivel de riesgo y pueden no ser adecuadas para todos los inversores.
    Platform Security
    Buy Options & Fees
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    Customer Service
    4.0 Overall Rating
    AGEA Review