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ABN Amro Self-Investment review
Invest directly with ABN AmroInvesting directly with ABN AmroWith ABN Amro direct Investing, you can invest easily and independently on the major European and US stock exchanges. Orders can be given by telephone or via the internet. Independent investing (execution only) means that you will not receive any advice from the bank about the decisions you take. It is also possible to manage your own investments at ABN AMRO. In this review, you can read whether investing with ABN AMRO yourself is a good idea.Investing at ABN AMRO in briefABN AMRO also offers other banking services.The ABN AMRO platform is very user-friendly.However, ABN AMRO charges high fees.You need a current account to be able to invest.What are three better alternatives to investing with ABN?Investing at ABN AMRO is expensive, which means that you, as an investor, are missing out on a lot of money. These are possibly better alternatives to investing with ABN:Plus500: Plus500 allows you to actively trade CFD stocks without paying commissions.DEGIRO: at this Dutch party you can buy shares at low rates.eToro: at eToro you can buy shares for free, as no commissions are charged.How is the platform of ABN AMRO?ABN AMRO’s platform is very user-friendly and easy to use. The basic platform offers simple options for trading shares, for example. You can also choose to go for the plus package. Within the plus package you can make use of more trading and analysis possibilities.It is possible to perform fundamental analysis at ABN AMRO. The number of data is somewhat limited. You can only see some basic data about the shares. However, it is interesting that each share is also rated on sustainability. This is extra interesting for the investor who, apart from the return, also considers other factors important.Within the basic package, there are few possibilities to perform technical analyses yourself. However, you can use fully performed technical analyses that come from investtech.com. With these analyses, you can determine a good entry moment.Within the investment package of ABN AMRO, you can also find extensive analyses of shares. These analyses are in-depth and provide extensive fundamental and technical support. The disadvantage of these reports is that they are often quite old and therefore the information can quickly become irrelevant.At ABN AMRO it is possible to search specifically for certain securities. However, there is no comprehensive selection tool. The fund selection tool does make it possible to find a good fund on the basis of various factors.ABN AMRO Investing via ImagingAt ABN AMRO you can call investment advisersOffer and possibilitiesThe range on offer at ABN AMRO is fairly limited. At ABN AMRO, you can trade in 10 stock exchanges with just over 190 shares and more than 100 mutual funds. It is only possible to use the limit order. Going short or trading on margin is not possible. With the plus account it is possible to trade in more advanced derivatives such as options and futures.A major disadvantage of investing at ABN AMRO is the high costs for currency transactions. These costs can amount to more than half a percent! Naturally, this puts a huge strain on the investment return. However, it is possible to open an account in a foreign currency. That way the costs can be lower.The costs of investingThe costs of investing at ABN AMRO depend very much on the package you buy. If you want to invest yourself, you can choose from basic self-investment and self-investment plus. It is also possible to choose for co-investment.Investing on a basic basisWith the basic self-investment package, you do all the investing yourself. With this package, you pay 0.18% over the value of the investment portfolio. When your invested capital exceeds €100,000, you pay 0.12% and when your invested capital exceeds €400,000 the costs are 0.06%. A minimum fee of €15 applies. Investing a small amount at Plus500 is therefore not recommended: the annual service fee would reduce returns too much.Under the basic package, you pay $6.50 + 0.1% on domestic shares and $9.50 = 0.4% on foreign shares. Options cost €2.90 per contract and EFTs €5 plus 0.05%. Turbos cost €10 per order. ABN AMRO pays up to €1500 in costs if you decide to switch.Self-investment plusYou can also choose to take out the self-investment plus package. For this package, you pay a fixed fee of €9 per month plus 0.08% on your investments. When your invested capital exceeds €200.000 you will receive a 15% discount and when your invested capital exceeds €400.000 you will receive 30% discount.When you invest very actively you will receive a further discount under the self-investment plus package. At €65,000 annual transaction costs, this discount can rise to 60%. Under the plus package you pay €2.75 instead of €2.90 for option contracts. Furthermore, you can trade in more advanced investment products.You can also read investment opinions and views and follow webinairs under the plus subscription. Every week you will receive the latest investment news and every month you will receive a long term vision on the market.For the rest you can use My Dealing Room which is the more extensive investment software of ABN AMRO. Within this software you will receive real-time price information. You can also use an option matrix for combination orders. It is also possible to make your own technical analyses and to enter orders quickly.ABN AMRO dealing roomThe dealing room at ABN AMROAccompanied investingIt is also possible to receive coaching when investing. At ABN AMRO, you can choose from various profile funds. The transaction costs vary between 0.57% and 0.9% plus 0.25% service charges. Defensive profiles promise lower returns, but are also less risky. Supervised investing is suitable for people who have too little time to make their own investment decisions. Opening an account only takes 5 minutes.Conclusion ABN AMROABN AMRO offers a good and user-friendly platform. The biggest advantage of investing with ABN AMRO is that you can arrange all your banking affairs with one party. As a broker, however, ABN AMRO is not the best choice. The fees are significantly higher and the emphasis is more on letting you invest than investing yourself. If you want to invest more actively in shares, for example, it would be wise to do so with another party. Check out the overview of brokers to make a better choice.Want to find a better broker?Compare ABN AMRO with other brokersWho is independent investing suitable for?Independent investing is not for everyone. The investor needs to have some experience and knowledge. The investors who want to invest with this form, will have to make sure that they do not need any help from advisors. Internet Banking will also be applicable for this form.If you do not already have it, it can always be requested from the bank. It is important when investing to keep abreast of all events in the economy. It is therefore of great importance, that the investor can find his information to make good investment decisions. On abnamro.nl/beleggen there are important announcements that can be very important for the investor.How often can you request reports?The overviews of your investments are sent once a year. These overviews can also be requested via Internet Banking. This can be done on a daily basis if you consider this important. You will receive them by mail or by post. All your statements are very well kept and retained.

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