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Rabobank Investing review
Many people are still choosing to invest with their bank. Of all the banks, Rabobank is the fourth largest in the Netherlands with a total of 139 branches. At this bank, it is possible to invest on a managed basis or to invest yourself. In this article you can read whether investing at Rabobank is a wise idea.Rabobank InvestingRabobank investingin briefUser-friendly, but fairly limited platformNot the cheapest party to invest withEspecially useful for people who want to have everything under one roofWhat are three better alternatives to investing with Rabobank?Investing with your own bank is often too expensive and on top of that the offer is limited. Fortunately, there are better options:Plus500: at Plus500 you can trade CFD stocks without paying commissions.DEGIRO: at this party you can invest at low rates in Dutch stocks.eToro: at eToro you can buy shares without commissions.The platformThe platform on which you invest is kept very simple at Rabobank. This allows novice investors to easily open and close positions. However, this simplicity comes at the expense of the possibilities.At Rabobank, there are only limited analysis possibilities. You can use fundamental analysis, but this is not done directly through the platform. For this, Rabobank uses the information of rabobeursinfo.nl. It is not easy here to find specific data per share. Technical analysis is not possible at all. The price charts can only be seen from five years ago. However, analyst advice is available: here you can see what various banks give as advice. No further details are given about the advice.Also, when selecting stocks, you cannot enter specific search criteria. For funds, there are some more possibilities. For example, you can only search for sustainable funds or select funds with a certain Morningstar rating. All in all, the analysis options within the platform are very limited. It is therefore advisable to make buying decisions based on data from other sources.However, it is useful that Rabobank offers assistance in adding diversification to the portfolio. It is wise to spread your investments over different investment categories. Shares, for example, have a higher return than bonds, but the risk is also considerably higher. Within the Rabobank platform it is also possible to spread your investments over different sectors and regions.Rabobank investment portfolioOffer: what can you trade?At Rabobank you can trade on the 20 major stock exchanges. You can choose from shares, (sustainable) investment funds, index trackers, bonds, options and turbos. Entering an order within the system is very simple. There are only five different orders available, but this will suffice for most investors.At Rabobank, it is not possible to go short. Investing with a margin is only possible when investing in options. Furthermore, Rabobank charges a fee of 0.25% on foreign currency transactions. No education options are offered.It is also possible to subscribe to the TraderMonitor. With this you will receive more stock market news and details about companies listed on the AEX. The costs for this service are EUR 40 per year.Portfolio investment mix RabobankCosts RabobankRabobank is certainly not the cheapest broker. This is partly because fixed service costs are charged. The minimum quarterly costs are €5 plus 0.06% over the invested capital up to €100,000. Above €100,000 you pay 0.03%.For bonds the costs are €5 plus 0,05%. For Dutch shares you also pay €5 + 0.05% and for shares from the United States, for example, you pay 0.1%. However, Rabobank offers a transaction discount of up to 20% if you incur more than €4,000 in transaction costs per year. For options you pay €2.25 per contract.Managed investmentIt is also possible to have your money managed by Rabobank. You can choose from different profiles which vary from defensive to offensive. Managed investment is recommended from €5,000. The recommended term depends on the profile. The costs for managed investment amount to 0.05 with a minimum of € 5 and a maximum of € 30 per quarter. On top of this, you pay a quarterly fee of 0.1125% on the invested capital and 0.1-0.2% in transaction costs for the fund.Conclusion Rabobank reviewThe conclusion of this review on investing with Rabobank is that it is definitely not the best party. The only reason why you might choose Rabobank is because you like to have all the services at one provider. Other than that, Rabobank certainly doesn’t have the best products, the most comprehensive offerings or the lowest fees. If you are looking for a better broker, you can consult the brokers overview.Find a better broker?

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