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Investing in Allianz

By 2020, Allianz remains a company with excellent stock market values. As well as a constant growth in periods of one to six months. Providing great opportunities with excellent profitability. If you are interested in investing in Allianz, here we bring you all the information you may need.

What is Allianz?

Allianz S.E., also known as Allianz Group, is a European multinational financial services company. The main focus of Allianz’s services is corporate asset management and underwriting.

This company has had a surprisingly long history. Since it was founded on February 5, 1890. Counting with more than 130 years of experience. Allianz was founded in Germany by Carl Von Thieme. Its headquarters are currently located in Munich.

By 1985, Allianz sought a new approach. Leaving aside local exclusivity, to reach a worldwide presence. This began to be achieved in 1990. Bringing greater success to the company and increasing the value of Allianz shares.

In the insurance approach, Allianz stands out for the versatility of its products. It offers insurance for personal belongings such as furniture and automobiles. It also has an excellent life insurance service and even business insurance. It is one of the best insurance companies worldwide.

Allianz is an excellent partner for business owners and all types of companies. Creating investment strategies, asset management and much more. Ensuring the wealth of its users, with impeccable financial strategies, with advice from experts in economics.

Why buy Allianz shares?

Allianz’s work as an insurance company has made it stand out and become one of the most popular in 2020. Thanks to its policy in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing solutions to its users, to assure them future solutions. Contrasting with other companies, which consider that the pandemic is not insurable.

This 2020 policy is not the only thing that has driven Allianz shares higher this year. The company is financially robust. With revenue increases of €142.369 billion (EUR) and total equity of €74.002 billion (USD).

For December 2020, the Allianz share price stands at €198.58 (EUR). This shows an increase of 18.16% from November, 31.5% from October and 35.2% from March of the same year. This shows a steady growth in the value of the Allianz share.

Just considering the growth of the Allianz stock price, the company looks like an excellent opportunity for investors. The company has seen its Allianz stock price change by as much as 248.7%. This has been very well taken advantage of by investors who have appreciated these changes in value.

Buying Allianz shares: Advantages

  • Steady growth throughout 2020. Which promises to improve, being a profitable opportunity to buy Allianz stock in 2021. As the value of the company may continue to rise. Thus providing excellent returns on investment.
  • The company has experts in economics. Since they provide specialized services to all their clients, in the management of their companies. Allowing Allianz to have a specialized work team to manage the company’s income and invest it to improve its total capital.
  • Allianz has excellent services in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. As it has taken an approach in which it seeks to support businesses that need to be insured by the pandemic. Being the preferred company of many users, thus improving the NASDAQ Allianz share price.
  • Large incremental revenues, recorded in the last year. Improving the economic robustness of the company. Achieving in turn that the value of Allianz Bolsa becomes much higher. Providing excellent profitability for present and future investors in the company.

Buying Allianz shares: Disadvantage

  • Stocks have not been able to reach the values they had in 2000. When they were above €400 (EUR). However, the Allianz share price has managed to improve over the years. It has maintained a good track record on the stock market and is very profitable for investors.

How to buy Allianz shares

If you are interested in learning how to invest in Allianz, here we bring you a complete guide to perform this process, step by step. The first thing you should do is to choose a reliable broker that provides security in your transactions. Our top recommendations are the following brokers.

After choosing your broker, the next step to learn how to buy at Allianz, is to register and make the purchase. To do this, just follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the official website of your trusted broker.
  2. Look for the registration option and fill in all your personal and payment information.
  3. Verify by clicking on the link sent to your email address.
  4. Charge the balance corresponding to the Allianz stocks you wish to buy. It is listed as FWB: ALV and ETR: ALV.
  5. Click on the buy action button and wait for the confirmation process to finish.
  6. That’s it! You can now see your stock in your broker’s portfolio.

Tips for investing in Allianz shares

  • Regularly find out how much an Allianz share is worth. To know when to sell your share and buy again.
  • Buy Allianz shares monthly with your savings. Instead of having your savings stagnant in the bank, you will be able to enjoy the increase in your savings. Like the 18.16% increase from November to December 2020.
  • Learn how to analyze Allianz shares. In order to predict stock market movements and use this to your advantage.
  • Read the latest news from Allianz. These can help you predict changes in the stock market, looking for better returns on your investments.

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