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Investing in Hermès

A great example of this would be investing in Hermes. This company is recognized worldwide for the quality of the products it offers, which are used by many well-known artists.There are some people who find that investing in Hermès shares on the stock market is even better than investing in gold. The reason? Its excellent profitability and recognition.It was also one of the first luxury fashion brands to expand to other continents. We will show you how to invest in Hermès, the value of Hermès shares and how to buy them.

What is Hermès?

Hermès International S.A., is a fashion company headquartered in Paris, France. It was founded in 1837 as a saddle store by Thierry Hermès. Then in the 20th century it changed its design to the fashion industry, they are specialists in creating luxury watches and ready-to-wear leather accessories.It has a logo that is quite recognized in fashion, it consists of a carriage with a horse and a man standing in front of it. In case you don’t know how to buy from Hermès, it runs its sales through the official website and each of its stores located around the world. This brand is used by many well-known models and artists.In the 1980s, the company manufactured a handbag and named it Hermès Birkin, after a famous British actress Jane Birkin. It has a design that is not only beautiful but also outstanding. It is currently considered to be the most expensive and sought after handbag worldwide.It also offers long-lasting fragrances, ranging from sweet to intense scents. The competing brands of this great company are: Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Cartier.

Why buy Hermès shares?

The Hermès share price has been on an upward trend in recent years, helping the shares to become more and more valuable. In 2008 alone, the Hermès share rose from 77 euros to more than 110 euros. Then 10 years later each share was worth more than 440 euros, giving the possibility to invest in the long term without suffering many losses.In 2011 the shares obtained a low that reached 270 euros, then in 2015 the company managed to get the Hermès shares to gain momentum. They reached 358 euros and continued to rise after that. Currently the price of Hermès shares is just over 820 euros each.The shares are listed on the Hermes Nasdaq exchange under the abbreviation HESAY, and are also listed on the French CAC 40 stock index. This gives the company a place in the top 40 companies with the largest market capitalization.Buying Hermès shares: Advantages

  • Company with long experience in the area: Since its foundation, the company has gained great popularity in the market. Regardless of the product they sell, the public has always wanted to get a bag, fragrance or accessory from the company.
  • It has a strong brand image: The company has always aimed to manufacture products with the best materials and that are durable over time. This way it manages to get famous customers who use the brand, adding even more good image to the company.
  • It has stores in more than 50 different countries: Some of them are located in Singapore, Spain, China, USA, Mexico, India, Chile, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and many more.
  • It always seeks to innovate its products: The company is always innovating its product models, which attracts more and more attention from the public.
  • Despite the pandemic, the company has been able to withstand the crisis: Unlike its competitors, Hermès has managed to open its new market in China. This helped it to make high-level profits, while Europe was not doing so well. However, sales fell by only 7.7%, while those of its competitors fell by up to 15%.

Buying Hermès shares: Disadvantages

  • Strong competition in the area: Although the company is quite strong and organized, it has a well-recognized competition.
  • The price to buy Hermès shares is higher than those of its competitors. This is also a potential disadvantage since acquiring Hermès shares will require a large investment of money due to its high price.

How to buy Hermès shares?

Although there are several ways to buy a Hermès stock, we will explain the easiest one. All you have to do is consult a stock broker and trade within the market of your choice. Stock brokers work through a financial derivative product that trades on the market for us.Each broker has unique characteristics such as: minimum amount to trade, type of investment they use, whether they charge commissions to trade or not. The choice will only depend on your taste, the most common and safe ones are: Plus500, IQ Option, eToro, Admiral Markets and XTB.Below, we will explain how to buy a share of Hermès stocks through the broker IQ Option.

  • Create an account by filling out the form and log in again.
  • Now money must be deposited into the account, choosing the preferred payment method.
  • Fill in the form to finalize the transaction, wait a few minutes until the funds are active.
  • Then search for the action by clicking on the + button and type Hermès.
  • Then select the stock category and click on the stock you wish to buy.
  • Finally, complete all the information requested by the platform to complete the transaction and get your Hermès shares.

In this broker you can find out how much a Hermès share is worth in real time, as well as analyze its low and high prices.

Tips for investing in Hermès shares

  • Research the most appropriate time to trade: You can check your Hermès share daily from the broker and see its price to see if it is the perfect and most accessible time to invest.
  • Determine what type of investment you want to apply: For this devise an investment plan and know how much you can lose or for how long you can operate.

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