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Investing in IBM

You may be wondering, is it good to invest in stocks, will it generate short or long term profits? The answer is simple, we should only turn to those who have experience in acquiring shares.

That’s why today we bring you a wonderful alternative for investing, such as investing in IBM, which can even serve as a guide for your future investments! Because we will recommend you which steps to follow when investing and which is the best way to do it.

What is IBM?

IBM or “International Business Machines” is a very well known company worldwide, it is of American origin and its forte is technology. They are mainly in charge of marketing and manufacturing physical and logical components for computers. In addition, due to its years of experience in technology, it has been a pioneer with many of its products, making the IBM quotation grow today.

Currently, it also performs massive infrastructure services, due to its long experience in networking and nanotechnology. Throughout its history, IBM has achieved multiple awards and rewards for its greatest achievements in research. Some of the most important awards are Nobel Prizes, Turing Awards and National Medals of Technology and Science.

Many of the inventions that marked the beginnings of technology are part of IBM’s creation. From the automatic teller machine that allows us to withdraw or deposit our money, to the hard disk used in our computers.

This has made them take position over the years in renowned and important stock exchanges. Such is the case of IBM Nasdaq where they are listed under the “IBM” label. They operate in many countries covering most of the continents of the planet.

Why buy IBM stock?

This company has a long history, full of innovations and awards that many other technology companies have not been able to match. IBM stocks is ranked as the second largest company in the world, this is due to the large number of employees they employ themselves. This plays a key role in seeing good numbers in IBM stock.

It is not untrue that with so many technology companies in the market, IBM shares are influenced. However, they have managed to outperform due to the fact that in the last few years they obtained profits of more than 13 billion dollars. These profits have been used to expand their manufacturing areas and innovate with their products in many countries.

The value of IBM shares or stock price has been affected or influenced in recent years, due to the great demand for production that currently exists. This has forced them to use more of their assets and invest in brands and companies that will increase their profits. For 2015 they obtained a figure of a little more than 80 billion dollars. It may be a big number, but it was decreasing little by little.

How to buy from IBM is simple, as they distribute their products to many countries. In addition, these products can be purchased in stores authorized by them or digitally. This benefits the company because many powerful investors decide to take action, thanks to the fact that their loyalty is great as well as their success.

Buying IBM stock: Advantages

  • A long experience in the market with more than 100 years in the market.
  • They are recognized worldwide, thanks to their innovations and products launched since their foundation.
  • They have a very strong capacity to innovate, they are able to attract new customers and keep those who have been loyal to them for a long time.
  • They have more than 370 thousand employees worldwide.
  • They have more than 20 subsidiaries or affiliates, which increases the position in IBM’s shareholding.
  • It is the technology company with the most patents in the United States.
  • Since their inception, the products marketed by them have been low-cost, which attracts a greater number of customers.

Buying IBM stock: Disadvantages

  • As specialists in technological areas, they have a significant number of brands and companies that compete with them.
  • Its products are sometimes imitated, which generates lost profits for the company.
  • The price of IBM shares is usually a bit high compared to other technology companies, being higher than $120.
  • They are subject to a strong dependence on innovation and rapid production, due to market demands.

How to buy IBM shares?

Buying IBM shares according to their share price, can lead to more processes, due to the fact that these shares must be well evaluated in order not to risk too much. Therefore it is necessary to analyze well at what moment to acquire them, how many to acquire and to whom to go to do it.

We recommend following the indications and recommendations of experts, such as financial brokers. They will tell you which is the ideal time to invest and will guide you on how to invest in IBM. Some of them are:

  • IQ Option
  • Itrader
  • 2invest
  • eToro

Surely you want to see for yourself how much an IBM share is currently worth, in order to know whether you will invest or not. That’s why we explain in 5 simple steps how to act and find out the real price using recommended brokers.

  1. Create a personal account with the selected broker
  2. Enter the amount you plan to invest in your personal account
  3. Locate the IBM stock section
  4. Faithfully follow the instructions of the broker of your choice.
  5. Purchase the shares you want and that’s it!

Tips for investing in IBM stock

IBM is a company that is a little difficult to decipher when you observe its fluctuations in the market. For this reason it is necessary to closely analyze its movements in order to know the exact moment in which you can invest.

However, this data can be given by recommended financial brokers. In addition to, show you closely the best deals that come to light on IBM shares. Therefore, you can trust and start looking for some broker or brokerage that will guide you when acting on IBM shares.

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