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Investing in Juventus

But are Juventus and their actions the case? Of course they are. This incredible Italian team based in Turin has undoubtedly been one of the favorite teams in all of Europe over the last decade.

If you are an investor and soccer lover, you may be thinking about how to invest in Juventus stocks. If that is your case, don’t miss out on the possible opportunities or risks involved in acquiring shares of Turin’s favorite team. Are you ready? If so, let’s move on.

What is Juventus?

Juventus Football Club S.P.A, or better known as Juventus of Turin, La Vecchia Signora or simply, La Juve, is a soccer club of the famous Italian national team. But if you’re a fan you’ve probably already heard of it.

This club was founded by a group of students on November 1, 1897, under the name of “Sport Club Juventus”. It is the second oldest team in Italy after Genoa Cricket & Futbol Club.

On the other hand, the Juventus group has been directly associated since 1923 with the Agnelli family. This is a very powerful industrial family in Italy. In addition, the Club has one of the strongest fan bases in the world.

Despite this, the club competes with a mass of fans from other Italian clubs such as Club Turin Turin and Inter Milan.

However, all the fanaticism that Juventus has is due to the undeniable effort made by the athletes and the board of directors to make the club the Italian team with the most titles received. It is also one of the teams with the most awards worldwide.

However, since 1967 Juventus has been listed on the stock exchange. This is due to the fact that the club’s organization is a society, which is run by shares. However, it was not until 2001 that Juventus was first listed on the Italian stock exchange.

To give you an idea, Juventus Football Club is one of the few football teams to be listed on the Italian stock exchange, followed by Roma and Lazio.

The club’s shareholdings are segmented by different shareholders, among them, with 60% to the company Exor NV, which is owned by the aforementioned Agnelli family. On the other hand, with 7.5% to an investment company based in Libya. And with 32.5% different majority shareholders in the sector.

Why buy Juventus shares?

Juventus, despite being an old company, undoubtedly demonstrates that it knows how to do business. Well, it is very simple, Juventus regularly establishes some partnerships which allow them to reduce expenses or simply earn more money.

These strategic partnerships have been important for the evolution and growth of the club itself. They have a direct influence on Juventus’ share price on the Italian stock exchange.

Proof of this, was the strategic partnership it made in 2017 with the U.S. brand M&M’s, which belongs to a business group known as Mars.

The intention of this partnership was to appeal to a younger audience. In addition, M&M’s does not fail to transmit pleasure and the simple fact of sharing. These are very important factors that Juventus certainly did not mind integrating into its image.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to be attentive to future or possible partnerships announced by the team. In this way, we will be able to detect a possible market opportunity.

Buying Juventus shares: Advantages

  • Juventus enjoys a very strong and well-developed brand image. All that, both nationally and internationally. This incredible fan base of the football club, makes it completely profitable in terms of sales of products derived from the brand, whether merchandising or anything else that generates profits for the Italian Club.
  • Juventus works very well in the marketing of its brand. All this because a large part of their profits are due to the products derived from the team, so it is in their interest to maintain a positioned and attractive brand in the eyes of spectators and fans.
  • Juventus has a great stadium. This incredible football field called “Juventus arena” is able to accommodate more than 40,000 fans at each match, which of course generates an important figure for the Juventus Group’s profits.
  • The club has countless sponsorship contracts. Among them are important brands such as: Nike, Tamoil, New Holland, Sky, BetClic, Balocco and many others.

Buying Juventus shares: Disadvantage

  • Their competition. Although Juventus has a global recognition and a large number of fans in the world, it still does not surpass the fanaticism of some Spanish or English teams which have an even greater notoriety.
  • The soccer market is saturated in the Italian market. Therefore, Juventus should focus on planning a strategy that will give it greater reach and recognition worldwide.

How to buy shares in Juventus

Now, if you want to buy Juventus shares based on their stock price on the Italian stock exchange or Nasdaq, the first thing to do is to register with one of the following brokers:

  • eToro

  • Plus500
  • Forextb
  • IQoption
  • Xtb

These brokers work safely, and you will be able to know the price or value of Juventus shares in real time, as well as to buy and sell these shares quickly and smoothly.

Tips for investing in Juventus shares

However, one of the first pieces of advice we can offer is not to invest in Juventus out of fanaticism. Sometimes this very love for a club makes us lose focus of our stock market objectives. That is why, if you decide to invest in the club, be cautious and well advised to know how much a Juventus share is worth, and at what time to invest. In this way you will be able to prevent risks in your investment.

On the other hand, stay tuned for updates from the club, as Juventus is betting on a business model beyond the Italian borders. That’s why it makes advertising partnerships with other brands to have even more reach in the international market.

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