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Keytrade Bank investing review
At Keytrade Bank you can invest on all major stock exchanges. They offer access to Euronext, Eurex and all major option markets in America. They also offer a wide variety of investment products to make your investments as simple as possible and all this for both individuals and businesses. The bank is of Belgian origin.With the available tools you have the possibility to analyze your investments and determine how to proceed.Click here to compare the rates from Keytrade with other brokersKeytrade Bank NetherlandsAnalysis possibilities at KeytradeAt Keytrade, you can invest in over 18 markets. It is therefore important to be able to analyse your investments sufficiently. For this purpose, Keytrade offers a few useful programs.Global AnalyzerThe Global Analyzer gives a clear analysis of a share. Here you can see for example what analysts think of the share. The opinions vary from optimistic to neutral and pessimistic. You can use the Global Analyzer to determine the right moment to take a position. The free version of Global Analyzer gives a summary of the analysis and the main conclusions.For €20 per month, you can use the premium program. With it, it is possible to read more in-depth analyses and conclusions about the shares you own. From three transactions per month, you can view the analyses of all shares in more detail.Ideas centerAre you looking for inspiration? Then you can use Keytrade’s idea center! Here you can see for example shares that are undervalued according to fundamental figures. It is also possible to see favorite shares of analysts. This software package is very useful when you are looking for potentially interesting stocks.Keytrade Idea CenterStock screenerBy means of the stock screener you can search for stocks yourself. It is possible to select stocks on the basis of certain figures. The different figures are very clearly displayed within the platform.Stock selection KeytradeCosts Keytrade BankSubscribing to a Keytrade Bank fund is free of charge and you can get out of the fund for free after five years. If you want to get out earlier, you have to pay €9.95. With other funds, you pay €9.95 for entry and exit is free.In the case of bonds, the costs on the primary market are at the issue price. On the secondary market you pay 0.2% with a minimum of €29.95.For shares, you pay a fixed rate of €7.50 for investments up to €2500, this amounts to a minimum rate of 0.3%. Up to €50,000 you pay €25 which comes down to a minimum rate of 0.05%. Relatively speaking, it is therefore more advantageous to open large positions at Keytrade. If you fall within a certain bracket, you only pay the fixed rate for investments in shares.At Keytrade, you do not pay a custody fee for the rest. Dormant accounts are however charged €50. For options, you pay €2.95 per contract and there are also additional costs for exercising the contracts. For futures, you pay the finance charge which is the monthly LIBOR rate plus 1.5%.New customers get the transfer fee back in cash up to €2500. This is beneficial for people who decide to switch to Keytrade bank. A nice thing about Keytrade is that the rates are quite transparent and you don’t have to calculate a lot with percentages. However, this does make Keytrade very unattractive for very small transactions. Also, the broker is certainly not the cheapest party.Conclusion investing at KeytradeKeytrade is a reasonable party to invest in shares for example. Because of the fixed tariffs you know where you stand. However, these fixed tariffs make sure that smaller transactions are no longer worthwhile. If you want to become a really active investor, there are better options. Take a look at the overview of brokers to find out what options there are.Keytrade iphone appThe advantages of Keytrade BankKeytrade Bank uses competitive rates and a transparent process, which they themselves refer to as the flat fee. Keytrade Bank only charges €2.25 per option contract and there is no minimum fee per transaction. The transaction fee for shares on Euronext up to an order size of €10,000 is €7.50. The costs rise to €25 for investments with a value of up to €50,000. This means you immediately know where you stand when you want to make an investment.In addition to the advantage of a transparent investment rate and access to the largest stock exchanges, Keytrade Bank clients also have access to real-time quotes from various stock exchanges and the office service is available thirteen hours a day.Keytrade share informationSavings with Keytrade BankIn addition to investing, Keytrade Bank also offers the option to save instead of investing. You will receive a basic interest rate that will be supplemented with an additional interest rate for loyal clients. In addition, your money is available 24 hours a day to invest again and there is no minimum amount that has to be deposited for your savings account. Money can be withdrawn when desired and can be used directly to invest.In addition, the risk run when saving is very limited at Keytrade Bank. This is because the bank is part of the Crédit Agricole group. This means that savings fall under the Belgian deposit guarantee system. This guarantees an amount of 100,000 euros per person per institution, which means that this is equal to the Dutch system.Professional investments at KeytradeKeytrade Bank also offers the possibility to invest privately in a professional way. In fact, with Keytrade Pro, you can trade 24 hours a day and get access and trading in futures, forex and CFDs. With CFDs, you can invest on 22 exchanges, 15 indices and many commodities.”In addition to options, Keytrade Pro also offers the ability to trade Futures. With Futures, you have the ability to trade a product in the future at a previously determined price. Keytrade Bank has more than 400 futures in various categories such as agriculture or energy.Also, with professional investing, you can use the Foreign Exchange, which allows you to take advantage of price fluctuations between different currencies, also known as Forex.Keytrade Bank does warn that this way of investing is only meant for the experienced investor because of a high investment risk. More money can be lost than originally deposited.Want to find a better broker?

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