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Investing in Novartis

Pharmaceutical companies have a high level of quotation in the stock market, since they produce quality products for health. On this occasion, we are going to tell you about Novartis.

This pharmaceutical company provides quality products worldwide. Allowing all types of patients to acquire these quality pharmaceuticals at a low cost. Achieving a higher volume of customers. Reason why the price of Novartis stock exchange is usually quite high.

If you are interested in generating profitable investments in the short and long term, Novartis may be the best company for you. Below we explain a little more about it. So you can make your decision to invest in Novartis with all the information.

What is Novartis?

Novartis International S.A. is a renowned Swiss pharmaceutical company. The founders of the company were Johann Rudolf and Alexander Clavel. The creation of Novartis was generated in March 1996, from the union between the companies Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz.

Novartis’ main focus is to provide the population with quality pharmaceutical drugs at a low cost. Reaching a larger number of users with high quality generic products.

This company also focuses on the creation of all types of vaccines, especially the mass production of vaccines. It also manufactures ophthalmological products and products for different medical specialties.

The pharmaceutical company has a strong research focus. Allowing it to generate better versions of classic pharmaceutical drugs. Being the preferred choice of many users, who seek quality health products for their treatments. This outstanding work, allows to increase the value of Novartis shares.

Many common pharmaceutical products are manufactured by Novartis. Among these are drugs such as Cataflam, Lamisil, Tegretol, Voltarén, Zelmac, Ritalin, among others. Providing innovative solutions to the needs of each patient.

Why buy Novartis shares?

By 2019, the company’s total equity stood at $55.55 billion (USD), generating revenues of $47.5 billion (USD). In fact, Novartis’ income from operations for that year was $9.08 billion (USD). It is very profitable to buy Novartis shares in the stock market.

One of the most financially surprising aspects of the company is its total assets. For 2019, Novartis recorded these at $118.37 billion (USD). Reason for the large stock price Novartis for that year. For 2020, a strong economic position is also expected from the company.

For December 2020, the Novartis share price is positioned at $72.36 (USD). This represents an increase of 6.13% since November of the same year. This pharmaceutical company offers investors excellent opportunities. Such as the 150.4% increase generated between August 2011 and January 2020.

Buying Novartis shares: Advantages

  • Excellent investment opportunities in the past. Buying Novartis stock has been profitable for many investors. Creating opportunities, because of the way the Novartis share price moves. Being these excellent to generate great income with smart investments.
  • Advertising is not necessary for the company’s success. Novartis has an established industry in pharmacies around the world. Including products that are recommended daily by specialized doctors. So there is no need to spend any money on advertising.
  • Improved revenues with new pharmaceutical drugs. As other companies’ patents expire, Novartis can bring out generic drugs preferred by many patients. Thus increasing Novartis share price. Which also happens when Novartis designs a new product that it can patent.
  • It is currently increasing its shares. From November to December 2020, NASDAQ Novartis shares have increased 6.13%. Even in one-day periods, the stock is up as much as 2.00%. So investing in Novartis stock can be an excellent opportunity.

Buying Novartis shares: Disadvantage

  • Novartis does not use its capital properly. Although it has a large capital of $55.55 billion (USD), it does not invest it intelligently. It has the potential to skyrocket its Novartis shares, but has failed to do so. If it invested better, it could generate amazing returns and better opportunities for investors.

How to buy Novartis shares

If you want to learn how to invest in Novartis, here we will teach you what you need. The first thing you need to do is to choose a reliable broker, among the different options available. The ones we have tested and consider the best and most reliable options are the following.

After you have chosen your trusted broker, the next step to learn how to buy Novartis is to get your account. To do this, you must register on the site, verify the account, load the balance and finally buy the stock. The steps to follow are as follows.

  1. Open the official website of the broker of your choice.
  2. Look for the registration option.
  3. Here, fill in all the personal information requested and the payment information to add money to your account. Either with TDC or digital wallets.
  4. Next, you need to verify your account. To do this, log in to your email after registration and click on the verification link sent to you by your broker.
  5. Once your account is verified, load the balance you wish to purchase Novartis stocks.
  6. With the balance in your account, search for shares. Novartis is listed on the stock exchange, as SIX:NOVN (Swiss stock exchange) and NYSE:NVS (American or international stock exchange).
  7. Then, just choose the amount of shares and click on buy. These will be registered in your portfolio and that’s it. You now have the Novartis share.

Tips for investing in Novartis shares

  • Remember to check how much a Novartis share is worth before selling or buying. Verifying that the transaction is favorable.
  • Analyzes the Novartis stock price to predict future movements.
  • Look to save monthly to buy one or more shares of Novartis. You earn more, making your savings work for you, than leaving it in the bank.
  • Look for opportunities to sell shares and buy them back. Enjoy profitable short-term investments.
  • Look for all the news about Novartis patents and new medicines. As these can generate increases in its stock market value.