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Investing in Xiaomi

Moreover, it has gained recognition and popularity, which undoubtedly makes it more attractive to investors. If your plan is to invest in Xiaomi, then stick around and read on below.What is Xiaomi?The famous company Xiaomi was created on April 6, 2010 by Lei Jun in the company of 7 partners who were already involved in companies such as Motorola, Google China, etc. Xiaomi has a wide variety of technological products such as smartphones, watches and bracelets, electronic scooters, among others.Since 2011, Xiaomi officially launched its first smartphone, which impressed the Chinese market for its very tight price and the quality of the product. In 2013 the REDMI phones arrived being the best-selling phones of the year with a total of 18.7 million.In 2016 they launched their premium range of cell phones and in 2017 the official Xiaomi stores arrived in Europe and Asia completely. But it is from 2018 and to date where Xiaomi has managed to consolidate and find popularity worldwide.It’s not just phones anymore, but also the latest generation of laptops, tablets, televisions, vacuum cleaners, and many more products in its catalog.Xiaomi also has its own operating system for its cell phones called MIUI and all its products have IoT (Internet of Things). Its founder Lei Jun is also known as the “Steve Jobs of China” and the reason is that he is a genius in technology, marketing and dominance in the Asian market.That is why today, the company has integrated the name Xiaomi in stock market and it is as of 2018 where Xiaomi’s share price reaches $27.811 billion, which ensures that Xiaomi Corporation is one of the best positioned companies in investments.

Why buy Xiaomi shares?

Buying Xiaomi stock is one of the best options you have when investing in the stock market. Why? It’s very simple, each Xiaomi share per share is valued at over $46 billion and despite the pandemic caused by COVID-19 it has remained stable and rising in value.Although Xiaomi has large companies that can be considered as critical competition (such as Apple, Samsung, Siragon, etc.), it has not been affected its profitability or revenue during 2020, on the contrary, it is the most productive year for the company due to the work at home.In addition, Xiaomi stock price is 1810.HKD ($233.52) with a range of 26.35%. By 2020 Xiaomi shares has sold a total of 19.45 billion shares earning a total revenue of 5.1 billion.So, if you’re still wondering: will it be a good idea to buy Xiaomi stock in the middle of 2020? The answer is yes. You can leverage the company’s success and visibility to your advantage by buying shares that will generate profits in the short and medium term.Buying Xiaomi shares: Advantages

  • Comparison between quality and price. We have heard this countless times in various products on the market, but the truth is that only with Xiaomi mobiles is this relationship 100% fulfilled. The company offers products at affordable prices for all its customers.
  • Slight price increase. Yes, we are talking about quality/price, but one of the advantages that Xiaomi has is that, although it has slightly increased the prices of some of its products this has not diminished its clientele nor has it affected its revenue margin.
  • Diversity in its product catalog. We all know Xiaomi for its cell phones, but that’s not where it has stayed. Xiaomi has ventured into another range of home and entertainment products, facilitating customers’ needs.
  • Highly attractive shares. After going public at a high cost, the company’s share price is accessible to any investor who decides to bet on it.
  • 5G network technology. So far, Xiaomi has invested in research to integrate 5G technology in a strengthened way in its devices. This generates demand and a high increase in profits.
  • Updates. Xiaomi works on a monthly basis on updates to its MIUI operating system, which has created a strong bond of trust and loyalty between its customers and the company.

Buying Xiaomi shares: Disadvantages

  • Complaints and disputes. There is something that is out of the hands of companies, even if they do their best to do everything to the letter, and that is controversies. So far, the company has had to deal with legal problems due to non-compliance with the GPL and the exposure of private user data, which could result in a bad reputation with the public.
  • It is not possible to sell its products in India. In 2018, it was indicated by a permission granted by judges in India that it was prohibited to sell Xiaomi products in this country. This may detract from its earnings growth.

How to buy Xiaomi sharesIf you have any doubts about how to buy Xiaomi shares from Xiaomi, don’t worry, here are all the steps to follow. To do this you need to register with a reputable broker, and in the case of buying Xiaomi shares we recommend eToro.The process will not take you more than 5 minutes and this platform is completely safe and profitable, providing you with data of your interest such as statistics and balances of your shares. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Open an eToro account. Sign up by filling out a form with your personal information.
  2. Log in to the platform from your account. Once you have verified your details you can log in from your profile and search in the action bar: Xiaomi.
  3. Buy/Sell Xiaomi shares. Then, you will see the data and the value of Xiaomi shares with the options to buy or sell.
  4. Choose the order type. Once you know how much a share of Xiaomi is worth, you have two options: a market order, which is to buy the company’s shares at their current price, or a limit order, in which you specify the price of the company’s shares you want to buy.
  5. Wait for the notification. After clicking on “Invest” you will be notified that the order option you chose has been executed and that’s it, you have invested in Xiaomi stocks!

Tips for investing in Xiaomi shares

It is important that before we even want to know how to invest in Xiaomi company, we analyze all its information in detail. We can also rely on the experience of other Xiaomi investors and corroborate their results.Finally, consider the pros and cons of Xiaomi as well as its stock price on Xiaomi Nasdaq. We know it is quite high and can generate excellent returns, but does it really suit you based on your capital?

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