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Are you new to trading? If so, you should – before putting your money at stake – familiarise yourself with the terminology, the process, the different trading platforms offered by each online broker; in short, learn how to invest in the stock market without risking your capital. For this purpose, we have prepared a list of the best online brokers that offer a free demo account.

Online Brokers with Demo Trading Account

What is a demo trading account?

A demo trading account offers the same features, functionalities and conditions as a live account, but is pre-loaded with a certain amount – a fictitious balance – which offers the possibility of test trading without the need to make a deposit.

It is an excellent system for the trader who wants to approach the world of investment, learn the ins and outs of it and, therefore, prepare to start trading with real money. All this with the advantage of doing it without risking your capital.

The vast majority of Forex and CFD brokers offer this option but not all. Using a demo trading account is a very effective way for traders to get to know your platforms and, perhaps, get them to choose them when they start trading for real.

How to choose a Demo trading account?

Not all demo trading accounts offered by the best online brokers are the same. Before choosing one, you should analyse a number of variables.

Free of charge

Starting to trade with a demo account has a simple and straightforward objective: not to lose money. Therefore, it goes without saying that the first thing to check is that the account does not involve any fees.

Another reason why traders choose demo accounts is that they offer the chance to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of the best trading platforms before making any deposits.

Some online brokers offer a demo account with certain restrictions or that is only free for a limited time. So read the small print carefully and make sure that it is free in all cases.

Ease of discharge

To open a demo trading account, you sometimes do not have to enter any personal details. The online broker in question shows you everything it has to offer in a straightforward and uncompromising manner.

See, try and decide without pressure.

But there are others that ask for an email address, telephone number, or even both. And we know how the network works, once you give some data, the transmission of these data skyrockets.

At OkBrokers we value the former very highly. In other words, the best demo trading accounts are absolutely open, those where you can test without having to disclose any personal details.

Features and possibilities of the tool

Typically, online brokers that do not ask for personal details – those that have nothing to hide and show the trading tool for what it is – tend to be the most powerful and the highest quality.

They do not need strange tricks or big marketing campaigns, they have the most complete services, and that is enough to convince the customer. In most cases they are large, solvent platforms with enough experience to avoid resorting to obscure strategies.

And what are these services that differentiate a competent platform from a less competent one? Live streaming, chart manipulation, indicator input, annotations, technical analysis services, news updates or special services (such as chats, copying other traders, etc.). Another good sign is having a trading app with which you can trade from any type of device.

In the list of regulated brokers that you can find on this page you will find only the best demo trading accounts analysed by our team of experts. If you wish to try them out, simply choose an online broker from the list and register to start using the demo trading account.

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