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Want to buy Apple Stock or need more information about this company? Read our Interesting guide with live prices and helpfull tips how to start investing in Apple Stocks
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Investing in Apple

Do you like the idea? Well, say no more! Stay and read below how to invest in Apple and buy its shares.

What is Apple?

Apple is one of the best technology companies with great growth worldwide. Since its inception with Steve Jobs, Apple has been the brand with more impact and greater technological evolution in the world, making a difference to its competition and being preferred by users for their products.

There is no generation that does not know the devices with the apple logo. This multinational company has made electronic devices among which stand out: the Mac laptop and PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and of course its Mac and iOS operating systems.

Currently worth 2 billion dollars, Apple does not rest and continues to take care of creating products to leave quality experiences in their loyal customers.

In addition to its app store, this company has Apple TV, iTunes, and Apple Watch. Its constant growth in the international market is what makes this company interesting since it demonstrates a wide purchasing power and a stable economic balance that makes it really attractive.

Why buy Apple shares?

Are you hesitating to buy Apple stock? We understand! That’s why we’ve prepared for you the best reasons why buying Apple stock is the right choice for you.

COVID-19 proved to be an advantage for Apple

The company has decided to take advantage of the crisis, in the best way. While people and companies are adapting to work at home, Apple offers its products as indispensable tools for the working day at home.

This is a benefit for those who decide to invest in the company’s shares, since Apple is keeping its economy stable despite the economic crisis the world is going through.

Solid company

Apple is one of the most solid companies today with approximately 56 years in operation. Its last economic crisis was in 1997, and since then this company has been “anti-fragile” to any imbalance in the economy.


Investing in Apple is to receive a considerable amount of dividends since the company not only buys back the shares but also returns the money invested by the beneficiaries in the shortest possible time.

Buying Apple shares: Advantages

  • The number of services and products offered by Apple are practically its strength, so that year after year its revenues are growing steadily. This means that the company’s stock value will leave investors with juicy returns in the short, medium and long term.
  • Apple always has a strategy in mind that guarantees profitability, and this is the reason why it has remained one of the top 5 technology companies in the world.
  • It is an unwavering company that constantly boosts its shares, due to its popularity and the way it does good business.
  • Creating new products reduces the risk of stagnation because they are products of a recognized brand that also offers quality, design, and elegance.
  • Apple is not just technology. It also focuses on the financial and operational sector so the price shares company is very well cared for and positioned.
  • Increased dividend growth and the possibility of buybacks. This is not only an advantage for the company, but also for you if you wish to invest in company stock.

Buying Apple Shares: Disadvantages

  • Competition. By 2020 new brands of technology devices have emerged that have the same features as an iPhone but with greater accessibility when it comes to purchasing them.

These brands are being recognized (Xiaomi, Samsung, ZTE, among others) in the global market, which could lead to a decrease in Apple’s sales.

  • Expectations based on iPhone’s. Every time the company feels that it may decline, it uses the strategy of launching a new iPhone and puts all its expectations of a boost of shares and its company share price on this new product.

How to buy Apple shares

If you want to know how to buy Apple shares, here is a simple guide to make your investment a success. To begin, you need to be previously registered with a trusted broker.

Brokers are the platforms where you buy and sell shares in other companies and also manage your money within the same. The most recommended to buy shares in Apple are: eToro where the minimum amount to invest is $ 200 and IQ option where you can start with $ 10 to buy shares.

Both platforms are completely safe and profitable. In addition, IQ option is designed for beginner investors who want to start in this business. Knowing this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Register with the broker of your choice and verify your account.
  2. Deposit the amount you are willing to invest in the purchase of shares (you can start with the minimum amount).
  3. Search the list of companies for the Apple company.
  4. The platform will tell you how much a share is worth in the company, you will also see its statistics, and of course the option to buy.
  5. Now you decide what type of order you want to use, whether the market order (the broker tells you the best price to invest in shares) or the limit order (you are the one who decides the price for the purchase of your shares in Apple).
  6. Finally you confirm the order and an approval message will be sent to you.

Tips for investing in Apple shares

  • Be well informed about the company, its price and share price.
  • Once you buy shares in Apple, analyze the statistics and apply the strategies of selling when the share price goes down and buying when the share price goes up.
  • Choose the right broker for you. If you are a beginner you can use IQ option, but if you already have knowledge in stock market investments use eToro, which also does not charge commissions for buying and selling.

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