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Investing in Aurora Cannabis

This company is considered to be one of the world leaders in the production of medical marijuana. Since its IPO, Aurora shares have become increasingly popular. So here we will teach you information regarding the company, how to invest in Aurora, how much an Aurora share is worth and much more. So read on!

What is Aurora Cannabis?

Also known as Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian licensed cannabis producer. It was founded in 2006 by Terry Booth, Steve Dobler and a few friends in the city of Edmonton, Canada. This producer is currently considered the second largest cannabis company in the world. Due to its large market capitalization.

In the beginning the founders only had a plot of land a little larger than 160 acres to produce in Alberta. So there they formed the first production plot, but nowadays they produce up to 500,000 kilos per year. It works in 25 different countries located on 5 continents. Some of them are: Italy, Germany, Australia and Denmark.

The Aurora company works in different segments within the production of medical marijuana. These are: cannabis breeding, genetic exploration, marijuana distribution and home cultivation.

In their product catalog they also offer dried and non-dried cannabis oil, vegan capsules called CanniMed, vaporizers, vaporizer accessories and products that are herbal based.

Why buy Aurora Cannabis shares?

Aurora shares first hit the stock market on October 23, 2018, through the New York Stock Exchange. To find an Aurora share within the former exchange, you have to search for it under the abbreviation ACB. Currently the Aurora stock is also listed within the Toronto Stock Exchange. In addition, you will be able to find them within the Aurora Nasdaq stock market.

At the beginning of this year, the value of Aurora’s shares has been quite irregular, losing up to 20% in the month of June. In the first days of February, the company managed to sell more than 21 million shares, earning approximately $43 million. If all this is compared to the sale of the last months of 2017, the company has managed to make more than 95% profit.

Then in November of this year, Aurora’s share price began to rise to over 13 Canadian dollars. Moreover, in 2018 the company managed to reach a market value of $4 billion.

So, if all this information does not convince you to buy Aurora shares, below, we will explain the advantages that the company has when trading its shares.

Buying Aurora Cannabis Shares: Advantages

  • Since a few years ago, it has obtained good subsidiaries: It merged with its former competitor CanniMed for 110 million Canadian dollars. It also obtained Pedanios GmbH, considered the largest German distributor of cannabis in pharmacies. It also acquired CanvasRx, H2 Biopharma, BC Northern Lights and Aurora-Larssen Projects.
  • It has a good track record of growth: Although there are legitimate drawbacks in the area, long-term investment can be considered as an option. Since according to experts there are many millions of people consuming this substance. In addition, there are already many countries that are considering legalization. So, the prognosis for this company still remains good.
  • It is a company that is always looking for growth and innovation: With each legalization of the substance in countries that did not have it, the company seeks to expand its business more and more. At the same time it is investing a lot in the medical market.
  • The Aurora share price is cheaper than its competitors’ stocks: As mentioned above, an Aurora share is currently priced at just over 13 Canadian dollars. We can note that Aurora share has an affordable and profitable price for those investors who wish to buy in the last quarter of this year.

Buying Aurora Cannabis Shares: Disadvantages

  • Despite being positioned as the second best producer, the company has strong competitors: its largest competitor Canopy Growth Corporation has the leading position in this type of production. It also operates within the Canadian market, with the difference that it distributes it recreationally. Other competitors are: Tilray Corporation and Truelieve Cannabis Corp.

How to buy Aurora Cannabis shares?

Investing in Aurora is very easy, you just need to use a website that works as a stock broker. On the net you can find many of them, each one has different strategies to operate within the stock market.

The most commonly used platforms for buying securities are: Plus500, Admiral Markets UK Ltd, IQ Option, Trade, Degiro and eToro. Below we will show you how to buy on Aurora, using the eToro broker.

  • Register a new account by filling out a form with your data and log in again.
  • Verify your identity by uploading your ID documents and complete your housing information.
  • Transfer the amount you wish to invest and in the search bar enter the name Aurora stocks.
  • When you choose the stock, press buy.
  • Now choose the amount of Aurora shares, press the invest button and you’re done!
  • Confirm in your account that the order was placed correctly and if you already have your Aurora stocks at the desired price.

There is also another way to invest through this platform, doing Copy Trending. It is responsible for duplicating the trading tactics of the most successful investors of the broker and thus enjoy the same income as them. The choice of the method to use will only depend on you, but if you use the latter, it is recommended that you study everything you need to know before applying it.

Tips for Investing in Aurora Cannabis Shares

  • Choose the approach that best suits your tastes: Choose a trading strategy that suits both the risk tolerance you have and the objective you want to meet.
  • Make all decisions carefully: It is advisable to create an investment plan that will help you achieve the desired success.

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