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Investing in BMW

Despite all the success that the brand represents, is it a good idea to invest in BMW? Below, we will be providing you with all the necessary information for you to know how to invest in the BMW Group effectively. Don’t you believe us? No problem, take a look and find out for yourself.

What is BMW?

The BMW brand was officially born in 1922, when its facilities and trademark were transferred to Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG (BFW), a company that was founded in 1916. Therefore, the earliest date of BFW is considered to be the official founding date of BMW.Initially, BMW focused on the manufacture of engines for war planes during the period of the First and Second World War. To give you an idea, BMW achieved large sales during 1933, which amounted to a figure of 32.5 million Reichsmark (RM), which was a currency used by the German economy at the time. Today that figure would be approximately 124,651,565.04 US Dollars.Currently, the company’s turnover is

  • Sales of motorcycles with its other parallel brand Husqvarna. These represent 1.8% of the company’s turnover.
  • Sales financing services for its products, which comprise 21.3% of the BMW Group’s net sales.
  • On the other hand, sales of its vehicles account for the lion’s share of turnover. Nearly 76.9% and no less than 2 247 485 cars sold in 2015 alone.

Despite the success that this brand represents due to the preservation of a good brand and manufacturing of high-end vehicles, it is not fickle to suffer from its high competitors in the sector. If you wish to invest in a BMW stock, it is essential that you know its competitors. These are:

What we can recommend is that you analyze each year the evolution of your competitors’ shares. In this way we can find a possible opportunity in the high-end premium vehicle sector.

Why buy BMW shares?

Now, the BMW Group is considered by good shareholders as a company that bases its branding plan on the development of strategic alliances with different companies in the automotive sector.What does this accomplish? Well, it is very simple, to make its brand more visible and recognized for new audiences and prospective customers. Proof of this is the alliance it has with Toyota, which despite being one of its most direct competitors in the sector, has been developing vehicles with a sophisticated fuel cell system since 2013.This novel development in the automotive industry represents not only the batteries and the system itself. It also represents a considerable improvement in the hydrogen reserve, the electric motor and also the vehicle’s battery.This alliance has a positive impact on BMW shares, so we should be on the lookout for any upside in the coming years.

Buying BMW shares: Advantages

  • It maintains a strong brand. In addition, BMW invests heavily in its marketing with the intention of reaching new audiences.
  • It creates strategic alliances with multiple companies. Another example of this, was the partnership signed with IBM in 2016, with the intention of developing autonomous and innovative vehicles that use the best of information technology.
  • BMW differentiates itself from its competition by using technology that helps the environment. Today, with the whole issue of global warming, BMW is doing its part in the manufacture of environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • BMW has a highly qualified workforce. In this way, it guarantees the quality of its products and at the same time maintains its premium image with its consumers.
  • The BMW Group offers a first class customer service. Here they are in charge of keeping the experience of their users high, from the moment they get into one of their vehicles to when they have a problem or concern and want to consult through their personalized attention.

Buying BMW shares: Disadvantages

  • BMW has a very high cost structure. Whether for the manufacture of high-end vehicles as well as luxury vehicles. In addition to this, the payment of its qualified workforce guarantees the quality standards imposed by the company.
  • The BMW Group has no diversification. Unlike its competitors, it has only 3 major vehicle brands in its portfolio: BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce.

How to buy shares in BMW

Now, if you are interested in acquiring these shares and you are already convinced of having a stake in the BMW Group, you only need to register with one of the following brokers:

These brokers operate in a completely secure way and you will be able to track BMW on the stock market. In this way, you will know the price or value of BMW Group shares in real time. So you can buy their shares at the most opportune moment.

Tips for investing in BMW shares

BMW is an established brand and one of the most recognized today. However, it will always be good to evaluate how much a BMW share is worth and based on its stock price, make a good financial decision to reduce the risks in the acquisition of these shares.

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