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Investing in Boeing

The Boeing Company shares are currently traded on the American “Dow-Jones” market and its shares on the stock exchange are the most purchased by users so far. So is it possible to trade Boeing shares?The answer is yes. However, before doing so, you need to take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this company, how much a Boeing stock is currently worth and what alternatives exist to know how to safely invest in Boeing. That’s all you’ll see in this post so read on with us below.

What is Boeing?

Boeing is a multinational company headquartered in Chicago, USA. It designs, develops and distributes missiles, other types of weaponry, electronic systems, satellites and air transport. In addition, it offers consulting, logistics, defense, advanced communication systems and technical service.It has approximately 160,000 employees distributed in the United States and other parts of the world. Its team is considered one of the most innovative in the area.It is the largest distributor of manufactured products in the United States, has been considered one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world and the second largest defense contractor in the world.This company is made up of five subdivisions: one for commercial aircraft called BCA, one for defense, security and space called BDS. Another for engineering, operations and technology, Boeing Capital, and a shared services group.

Why buy Boeing shares?

The Boeing share price has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the BA ticket since 1996. In the year 2017 alone it earned 93 million US dollars in revenue.Boeing shares are listed on stock indexes such as the Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Dow Jones. They are made up of U.S. and international investors; there are currently nearly 600 million shares outstanding.Boeing’s shares in the stock market obtain important income from international investors, such as: Vanguard, which contributes 7.1%, BlackRock contributes 6.01%, T.Rowe contributes 5.89%, Newport Trust Co. contributes 5.4% and finally State Street Corporation 4.67%.When manufacturing products, they use components that not only provide safety, but also prevent the spread of carbon dioxide. In order to keep the value of Boeing shares rising.Buying Boeing shares: Advantages

  • Boeing is positioned quite well: despite the economic crisis it has suffered, it is the most important manufacturer of defense, space and security systems in the United States and its Boeing stocks remain stable.
  • It reassures its investors very well: Thanks to the constant development of new products and the delivery of orders placed by customers, it ensures an increase in revenues and thus in the price of Boing shares. This provides improvement and profitability.
  • Aims to invest heavily in the area of research and development: as a company always interested in innovation, it has the option to expand the type of products and services it offers. This also helps to maintain a high position among companies in the area.
  • Does not manufacture products in a single area: Subdividing facilitates air transport, both commercial and military.
  • Receives U.S. government support: This helps keep the company from going under so easily.
  • The price of Boeing stock is not that high: Compared to its strongest competitors, Boeing stock is in second place. Each Boeing stock has a price of approximately 200 US dollars.

Buying Boeing shares: Disadvantages

  • High competition: The other companies in the area are always in an ongoing competition for better contracts and more and more clients.
  • Labor issues: A percentage of employees in the area belong to a union, which sometimes causes various strikes and a decline in productivity.
  • It is going through a small crisis: It has had failures in some of its assets, which has led to a slight halt in production.

How to buy Boeing shares?

In case you still do not know how to buy Boeing, we will show you the different ways that exist. All you need to do is to log on to a website that works as a stock broker.There are some that work internationally, but there are also others that work only from a specific continent. The best known are: eToro, Plus500, ActivTrades, Trade, Iq Option and FXTB.To buy Boeing shares through eToro you only need to create an account, this broker is quite easy to use. You have the option to choose what type of investment you want to make, whether to contract a CDF or use Copy Trading.When contracting a CDF or contract for difference, the trader pays or receives the amount of difference between the price he/she gave and the actual price. In contrast, when using copy trading through eToro, the trader copies the financial behavior of the broker’s most successful traders and earns the same profits as them.To invest in Boeing through this method, just follow the steps below:

  • Open an account on the platform, fill out the form and then log in.
  • Use the tool to search for people and choose the investor to copy, you can filter the results by risk rating, shares invested, earnings, among other data.
  • When you choose the investor of your choice, you will see his profile data, investment strategy and other information about him.
  • Then all you have to do is press the copy button, choose the amount to invest and that’s it!

Tips for investing in Boing shares

  • When using the Copy Trading method it is advisable to: study in detail which are the traders with the highest profits in the last months. You can find them in the “Editor’s Choice” section.
  • Choose the investor with the best approach: choose one that suits both your risk tolerance and the objective you want to achieve.
  • Set a budget: It is advisable that you invest the same amount that you can lose, but no more.
  • Choose the broker that best suits your investment tastes: Each one offers a different method, whether they require commissions or not, have various minimum amounts to invest, among other characteristics. So it is of utmost importance to study which one best suits your investment plan.

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