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Investing in Continental

To do so, you need to know what are the characteristics of this company before buying Continental shares. In addition, you should analyze well the company’s movements and with the help of some investment brokers you will be able to make your work easier.

What is Continental?

Before knowing how to invest in Continental, what is the basis and what movements does this company perform.

Continental is a manufacturer and distributor of tires, with origins in Germany. The company has been producing tires for automobiles for more than 130 years, becoming one of the world leaders in this field. This led the company to start offering its shares, positioning itself very well with the Continental stock exchange.

They are operating in about 56 countries around the world. They have at least 200 thousand employees working and producing tires for all our cars. In most of the countries where they are located, they are leaders in tire sales, due to their popularity and performance.

Today, their production is no longer based solely on the manufacture of tires. They implemented innovation in their projects, creating braking systems used in current vehicle models. Some of its divisions also manufacture components for car chassis. This has increased Continental’s share price to higher levels compared to the sale of tires alone.

Its experience has led the company to list its shares on major stock exchanges, such as Continental Nasdaq under the CTTAF label. In addition, they have been listed on other major stock indexes since 2003.

Why buy Continental shares

Although Continental has several competitors in today’s market, it is ranked number 4 among the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Thanks to the success and the various distinctions that have been assigned to them.

Many major brands have faithfully recommended Continental. This is due to the time they have been in the market and that most of the time they do not have bad experiences or bad ratings. This has attracted the attention of important investors to Continental’s stock.

The company’s strategy was to create good alliances with companies and brands, where it invested in improving Continental’s future. Some of the company’s important partners are BMW and Intel, where it provided components for the project and development of autonomous vehicles. This helped a lot in Continental action and increased sales growth in 2017.

Continental produces and sells in large quantities all over the world, either through authorized retailers or online distributors. This generates a larger number of investors and helps to adjust the value of Continental shares in a good way.

Buying Continental shares: Advantages

  • Production and distribution in most countries of the world
  • They have a great success being the fourth largest system and vehicle tire manufacturer in the world.
  • It has different branches and each one deals with vehicle systems, components and tires, obtaining higher sales in the stock market.
  • Leading tire brand in many Latin American countries
  • The company not only has a broad market segment, but also specializes in vehicle systems and components.
  • He has good experience in the stock market, as he has been operating there for more than 15 years.
  • It protects its worldwide sales very well, as it does not let them decline in continents such as Asia, Europe and the Americas.
  • They have achieved net profits of up to almost 3 billion euros.

Buying Continental shares: Disadvantages

  • Its shares are positioned against those of similar companies that compete with Continental.
  • For handling high technologies and innovations, the price of Continental shares is a little high, exceeding 100 dollars.
  • They have had to close some branches, even in the Americas, because they noticed some losses.
  • More impact has yet to be made in many countries in Asia, South America and Oceania.

How to buy Continental shares?

Like every company, Continental has suffered setbacks at some point in time. The good thing is that they have been able to get back on their feet by expanding into different markets, including the stock market. You are already anxious to know how to buy Continental stock price and invest in them to obtain many benefits. However, first we must name the ones you should go to in order to benefit from them.

They are the investment brokers or financial brokers. Because of their experience in the stock market they can analyze very well any stock of any company. Then they can recommend you which is the best option to buy and what benefits it will generate in the future. Some financial brokers are:

  • Iq option
  • eToro
  • Binomo
  • MTrading

Once you have chosen a broker, you can follow these 5 steps to invest and find out how much a Continental share is worth.

  1. Register with your credentials on the website of the broker of your choice.
  2. Debit or deposit the amount of money you wish to invest in shares.
  3. Search the Continental stocks section
  4. Follow the selected broker’s recommendations for successful investing
  5. Acquire the share or shares you wish to acquire from Continental

Tips for buying Continental shares

Before trading in Continental, it is necessary to analyze well its movements, as well as which and at what value Continental shares price is. These movements can be provided by an investment broker, such as those mentioned above. It is necessary to consult well when is the best moment to act in the shares of this great company that is Continental.

As you can see, investing in stocks is not complicated, but it is still necessary to take the necessary precautions. Because a wrong move can affect your profit, that’s why we recommend to go with expert brokers!

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