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Investing in Deutsche Post

But to invest in Deutsche Post it is important to first learn about the company, its history, current statistics, the services it offers, its advantages and even its disadvantages. What do you think? You have found the perfect place to find all the information about the company as well as its stock market data, such as how much a Deutsche Post share is worth.

What is Deutsche Post?

Deutsche Post AG is a German company founded in 1995, formerly known as Deutsche Bundespot. Deutsche Post has emerged since the latter’s administration was privatized. It offers mail services in more than 200 countries around the world, its head office is located in Bonn, Germany.

The company is subdivided into four parts, the first of which is the express mail service. Its main purpose is to transport parcels and letters around the world by surface or air mail using its subsidiary DHL. Another of its divisions is finance, which operates its financial activities with Deutsche PostBank.

The third division is again about mail, but this one works on sending letters all over Germany. It also provides shipping services to companies, production sites and sales offices in each of its foreign offices. The fourth division is logistics, also working with DHL, but providing logistics services to multinational companies.

Why buy Deutsche Post shares?

Deutsche Post is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is included in indexes such as: DAX 30, Euro Stoxx 50, Germany 50, Low Carbon 100 Europe, Prime All Share and many others.

A share of this large company can be found under the symbol DSPGY on the Deutsche Post Nasdaq. These securities may also be known under the acronyms DPWGn and DPW.DE.

Deutsche Post’s shareholders in the stock market are made up of almost 35% institutions or companies and more than 20% are private investors. Some of its shareholders are: Vanguard International Stock, Capital Income Builder, Inc, Fidelity International Discovery Fund, Causeway International Fund, among others.

Buying Deutsche Post shares: Advantages

  • The company has achieved a lot of revenue: In 2006 it earned 60.5 billion euros in revenue and more than 3.8 billion euros in profit. The following year they managed to acquire 4.9% more in revenues.
  • Despite the current pandemic we are going through, Deutsche Post shares have risen: Since March, Deutsche Post shares have risen in price by almost 100%.
  • Deutsche Post shares hit an all-time high: Last October, shares surpassed last year’s limit of 40 euros and could be bought or sold at just over 41 euros.
  • The company has been able to take advantage of the time in quarantine: Thanks to the pandemic, people who have been or were in quarantine did most of their shopping online, which helped the company to have more shipments.
  • The price of Deutsche Post shares is quite cheaper than those of its competitors: Currently each Deutsche Post stock is at a price ranging from just over 39 euros.

Buying Deutsche Post shares: Disadvantages

  • It has big competitors: This applies not only in Germany, but internationally. Its biggest competitors are companies such as FedEx, TNT and UPS.
  • Not much information is available on the trajectory of this company’s shares.

How to buy Deutsche Post shares?

If you don’t know how to invest in Deutsche Post, you just need to consult a stock broker and search for the stock with the name of the company. They work by trading on the various stock exchanges that exist. Each one has different features, but here we are going to recommend one called eToro.

This platform is totally secure and gives you the opportunity to buy or sell a Deutsche Post share without having to pay any commission. You can invest in two ways, one of them is on your own or using the Copy Trading investment method. The latter consists of copying the investment strategy of the person of your choice.

The broker has a part that shows the most successful traders of the last months, you can find them in the editor’s choice section. Now then, let’s explain how to trade Deutsche Post through eToro.

  • Create an account with the data requested in the form, then you have to confirm your identity.
  • Deposit the money with which you are going to invest, the minimum amount to operate is 200 euros or dollars.
  • In the search bar enter Deutsche Post or DPWGn and select the title.
  • The screen will display all the information regarding the company, press the invert button.
  • Now select the amount of stock to buy from Deutshe Post, the amount to invest and other necessary data.
  • Finally, click on execute operation and that’s it! You now have shares of this company in your profile.

Tips when investing in Deutsche Post shares

  • Choose the most suitable broker for your investment tastes: As each one offers different characteristics, it is of utmost importance to study which one best suits your investment plan.
  • Design your own investment plan: First of all, it is essential to create the strategy to be used. In order to know how much money you can operate with and for how long.
  • Before buying Deutsche Post shares, study everything related to stock market investment: For some this activity may be something new, so it is advisable to start studying all the terminology used in the area.
  • Research the best time to buy a Deutsche Post stock: Before you start, it is best to analyze how the stock is doing at the time of trading, whether it is rising or falling.

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