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Investing in Netflix

The popularity of this company makes its stock market shares look more attractive than those of other companies. So… is it a good time to invest in Netflix? It may be.However, we recommend that you first read all the information, advantages, disadvantages and even the Netflix share price so that you can buy safely and securely.

What is Netflix, Inc.

It is an American company located in California, United States that offers a subscription service around the world. Within it you can watch informative and entertainment content through an online video streaming platform.It could primarily only be manipulated by laptops, then it was allowed to be retransmitted from tablets, smart TVs, cell phones, among others.Within the packages to be paid you will find that these are divided by the number of screens to be used. That is to say, the same account can have several clients watching different titles at the same time. Prices usually vary according to the number of screens and the number of payments, either monthly or annual subscription.Netflix, Inc. currently has more than 150 million subscribers worldwide, in addition to thousands of titles available to enjoy. For some years this company has been dedicated not only to broadcasting content, but also began to produce movies and series. These have been awarded at the Oscars in different categories.

Why buy Netflix stock?

This company is currently leading the way in offering online entertainment worldwide, despite having other strong platforms as competition. This has been seen in the changes that have taken place in the stock market, making Netflix’s share price rise up to 400% in recent years. In July of this year it reached an all-time high of up to 575 dollars per Netflix share.However, at the beginning of the first decade of the 2000s this was not the case, the price was quite low. It was from 2018 that Netflix stocks had a quite significant growth, reaching up to about $300 almost without any drop. At the beginning of this year, the number of users increased by 25% thanks to the international market.In other words, the long-term value of Netflix shares will increase even more thanks to the international market. Because this company also allows each country to develop its own content.Buying Netflix shares: Advantages

  • World leader in video streaming platforms: Unlike its strong competition, in recent years it has maintained the largest number of users.
  • Complete certainty that the value of Netflix stock will increase: Not only its stock market history proves it, but also the constant update of the price of each Netflix stock it provides.
  • Netflix original content: One of the biggest advantages is that they not only offer already known entertainment, but also broadcast exclusive content produced by the company itself.
  • Content adapted to users’ tastes: Thanks to the enormous amount of titles offered, any member of the family can get the one they want to watch the most. In addition, it uses the latest technology tools that automatically displays content similar to their taste.
  • Subscription plans at very affordable prices: There are different plans that can be paid in installments.
  • Brand fully known worldwide: Thanks to the expansion of its platform, more and more content and users from each region are being added.

Buying Netflix shares: Disadvantages

  • Netflix share price: It should be noted that not everyone knows exactly how much a Netflix share is worth, but it is currently a bit high and still rising. Yes, it is clearly an advantage, but also a disadvantage when wanting to make an investment in Netflix shares since its price is $503.22 to be exact.
  • New competition is constantly emerging: There are Internet service providers that also offer services with exclusive content.
  • Regulations: there are various types of content transmission regulations by law in some countries.

How to buy Netflix shares

There are several ways to buy shares, one of them is to hire Netflix CDFs. The great disadvantage of using it is that they are not responsible for the profits or losses that may arise.The best way to buy Netflix shares is through traditional brokers, they help us to buy or sell our financial assets. The best thing about using this method is that there are no financing fees when holding the product, except for a few. For example:

  • eToro
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Degiro
  • GPM
  • Plus500
  • XTB
  • IQ Option

After getting to know the traditional brokers, it is time to learn how to trade Netflix through IQ Option. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  • First, we must decide how many shares we want to buy in order not to lose more than our budget.
  • It is time to create an account, this will be done after clicking on the button that says “Start for free”.
  • Now you must fill in the form with all your data.
  • Log in again, entering the e-mail address and password you have chosen. Then deposit or transfer the amount to be invested and wait for the funds to appear as active.
  • It is time to search for stocks by clicking the + button and typing the company name.
  • Then select the category called stocks and click on the title you wish to trade.
  • Finally, all the elements to create a downside or upside position must be established.

Tips for investing in Netflix stock

  • Create a budget: It is advisable that you invest an amount of which you are willing to lose.
  • Choose the approach that best suits your tastes: Choose a strategy that suits both the risk tolerance you have and the objective you want to meet.
  • Make decisions carefully: It is advisable to create an investment plan that will help to achieve the desired success.

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