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With this tool you can compare online brokers in seconds. Choose up to 3 brokers and compare all their features quickly and easily.

How to compare online brokers?

With this tool you can compare online brokers in just a few seconds. Simply choose up to 3 brokers and compare all their features quickly and easily.

Don’t believe it? Simply go to the top of this page and choose the 3 online brokers of your choice. To do so, simply open the drop-down menus at the top of each column. As you select each broker, you will see that their details will automatically load into that column.

Now you can compare key features such as Spreads, Platforms, Account Types, Payment Methods and Minimum Deposit for each of the brokers. Find the features that best suit your needs and choose the broker that’s right for you.

If you are still unsure, you can also use our Broker Finder to find the right broker for you in just 3 easy steps.

Compare the best brokers

Comparing online brokers is an arduous task that requires time and often also experience and knowledge. Taking into account each of the criteria to be considered when finding the ideal broker is not easy and that is why we have developed this online broker comparator. With it you can easily compare Forex brokers, stock brokers, cryptocurrency brokers and many more instruments.

A fundamental aspect that concerns all traders is trading commissions. Pay attention to this point when comparing different brokers. Commissions may vary depending on the financial instrument and therefore, if for example you want to invest in the stock market, we recommend that you make sure that the spreads are competitive.

Compare brokers from any device

If you want to trade from your mobile device, make sure you choose a mobile trading platform that allows you to trade from any device. Our online broker comparison tool shows you the different trading platforms available from each broker.

Finally, you should know that all the brokers you will find on our website are regulated by prestigious bodies such as CySEC or the Financial Conduct Authority. Losing money by investing with unregulated brokers is something you should always avoid.

Remember that CFD trading involves risk due to leverage. Contracts for difference are complex and difficult to understand. Check each broker’s risk warning to find out the percentage of retail clients who lose money quickly when trading with each broker.

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