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Investing in Google

Luckily for you, this is not the case. Since we will teach you everything you need to know about this company, all this, with the intention that you know how to invest in Google in the most optimal way. You don’t believe us do you? No problem, take a look on your own and find out.

What is Google?

Now, what exactly is Google? Many people who want to invest in Google are surprised to find out that Google is just a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Yes, as you read it, Alphabet Inc. is the multinational company responsible for the growth and development of Google.

Despite this, Google represents the icing on the cake among most of the companies that Alphabet runs. To give you an idea, approximately 80% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Google. And why is that? Very simple, Google has a wide range of products in different branches of technology such as:

  • Google Account. Which is the account with which the user can access the different products and services of your property.
  • Google’s web search engine. It is a search engine that receives millions of queries daily, which is why it is Google’s main product.
  • YouTube. It is one of the websites where users can upload content and monetize it thanks to advertising campaigns within the platform.
  • Gmail. It is a messaging service which stands out for using a simple and advanced message search system similar to its web search engine.
  • Adwords. It is the fast and simple to use tool in which companies invest in advertising campaigns cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM), this is where much of the income of this company comes from.
  • Google maps. With this novel invention, all users around the world can locate a site in a matter of seconds, with just one click.

And those were just a few of the almost infinite services that Google offers. Thanks to its vision of diversification, Google has become an empire that is here to stay.

Why buy Google stock?

Google was clear from the beginning that its search engine would not be necessary to sustain profitability for its business model. That is why, in recent years, the company has focused on increasing its user base, improving retention rates, with the development of a wide range of products and services such as those mentioned above.

Now, the monetization in its business model was done gradually through advertising ads. All this through its Adwords and Adsense services. Just to give you an idea, this model accounts for up to 42% of online advertising worldwide, ahead of Facebook which covers up to 21% of the market share.

On the other hand, Google’s imminent growth is reflected in search engines. For the second quarter of 2019 alone, 94% of queries worldwide were made through Google’s search engine.

All this is thanks to the fact that Google has incredible products, capable of meeting the needs of its more than 1 billion users. These include YooTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Android, PlayStore, among others.

And yes, even if you think “Google does not charge for most of its products”, we remind you that Google’s business model is based on user data. This company is in charge of collecting all this information and making it useful for its advertising campaigns.

To give you an idea, it would not be at all surprising to think that Google has more data about the people who walk the earth than any other company in the world.

That is why today, Google’s share price reaches $1,764.13 per share. A considerable sum to the economic growth that this Internet giant is exerting.

Buying Google shares: Advantages

  • Digital ads are booming. Since 2017, digital ads have grown to the point where they have left paid TV ads in second place, and it continues to expand.
  • It is a company that never stops evolving. But that’s not all, they have also been evolving their offer since their creation in 1998.
  • It is an innovative company. It applies diversified technology to acquire user data and apply it to its campaigns.
  • It has become popular culture. Today when we say we are going to do a search we say “I’ll go Google it” so it has become part of our culture and we can say that its fall is far from being seen.

Buying Google stock: Disadvantage

  • The price of your shares. Buying good stocks at an inadequate price could generate losses, so even though it is a great investment we must find the best price.
  • Government regulations. Currently Google has been accused by some governments of monopoly.
  • Copyright. Currently, there is a controversy with digital newspapers and news creators, who demand a fee for their content from the company.

How to buy Google shares

Now, if you are ready to know how to buy shares in Google, we will show you how to do it. To be able to acquire these shares the first thing you must do is sign up with a broker. These are platforms that work as intermediaries between you and the company. Among the most used are:

  • eToro
  • XTB
  • Bankinter Broker
  • Plus500

All these brokers work internationally, so you don’t have to worry about the country you are residing in. There will be no excuses to generate wealth through Google.

Now, that’s all very nice, but… How do I buy these shares? Very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Register with the broker of your choice for this transaction.
  2. Verify your account and log in.
  3. Transfer your investment balance to your brokerage account.
  4. Based on your balance, search on the platform for Google shares.
  5. Check the price of Google shares and calculate how many you can buy.
  6. Performs the operation of buying or selling Google shares.
  7. The operation will be pending the crossing. Once the order is completed, you will have Google shares in your account.

Tips for investing in Google shares

Making mistakes with your investments is very common. However, so that this does not happen to you, we will give you some tips so that your purchase is timely.

  • Know when to invest. Despite being a powerful company, it does not mean that our acquisition is the most suitable, since a Google share usually rises according to its growth. Therefore, we recommend that you always acquire it at the lowest possible price.
  • Invest only what you are not afraid of losing. In the world of investments, there is a probability of failure, so we advise you not to spend too much, but to allocate an amount that you are not afraid of losing.

Today, Google is publicly traded with a 6-digit share count, specifically with a volume of 979,957 shares.

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