Privacy Policy

As important you are to our website is the same way your privacy to us. The statement that we have just mentioned gives a brief description that we are aware of the careful management of the personal data of our Customers, shareholders and others are our top priority. This will apply same to us and also the companies that are partnered with us. We find it our prime and the foremost responsibility to handle the personal and private information of the respect and care. This privacy is likely to revise again and again to make our users aware of the changes practices and functionalities.

1. Personal Identification and Information

When the user is engaging in any of the mention activities like visiting our site, placing an order on our website, registering on our website, filling out a form or is in direct connection with our features, services, resources or any other similar activity that time we may collect some of the below-mentioned data. Contacting Data

2. Contacting Data

While creating a user account or using any of our services, we may use the data in the form of Name, email address, phone number, date of birth gender, personal identity documents.

3. Financial Data

In the following course of purchasing or selling something (Bank details, payment details or transaction id ). Unless you submit the above-given information voluntarily, we will not collect any of the user's personal information. Refusing to do that you will be restricted from performing some of the activities related to the website that is only available when you will be entering the complete asked personal information. However, a user is always free to refuse that.

4. Non-personal Identity Information

We may also use some of the non-personal Identity information whenever they make any interaction to our website. This might include the User's browser, Internet service provider, computer operating system and all other similar data.

5. Web Browser's Cookies

In order to make the users experience even more better, our website may use the cookies of your computer's hard drive. These cookies are placed on the hard drive for the purpose keeping and some of the times to recording the information. You can always change the browser's settings to refuse the cookies. However, this action may disable some parts of the website as well.

6. How is your personal data used by us?

The information that you will provide will make us
1. Give you alert on the new services, enhancements and the features.
2. To complete your order of product or services.
3. To give notifications about all ours promotional deals and offers.
4. Give you enhanced customer experience every time you visit us.
5. Process your payments.

7. What are the communications that I may likely to receive from you?

Our updates and special offers:
Occasionally, we might send you some of our promotional deals and limited time offers. We might send an email regarding your purchases and orders.

8. How much secure is the personal information that I provide you?

We have taken steps to make sure that your personal information is stored into our database without any alteration. Also, your personal information access is restricted to unauthorized access by the storage, data collection, security, and processing practice that we are using.

9. Permission for Processing

By giving any of the personal information to our website, you are giving us the consent to the processing and collecting such data. If you disagree with this please do not use our website.

9. Changes in Privacy Policy

These privacy policies might change with time. If any of the changes in privacy policy occur we will post it on this page. And, if the changes made to the website are highly significant, then we will give you the notice prominently.

10. Contact Us

We welcome you to comment on this privacy policy. And, in case you have any further query you can contact us through email at :

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