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Investing in Accenture

The process of investing in the stock market is not something that is reserved for economics and finance scholars or big businessmen. In fact, if you have even a small amount of capital, you can enter this fascinating world.

This is how you can easily buy shares in the most prestigious companies, such as Accenture. However, like all good things in life, it requires perseverance, dedication and effort, which applies perfectly to stock market investments.

In addition to this, it is essential to be well informed at all times in order to know when to buy and sell shares. For this reason, we have prepared this comprehensive article in which we will give you details on how to invest in Accenture.

What is Accenture?

The Accenture Group is a North American company that concentrates on providing financial advisory, consulting, outsourcing and technology services. This allows it to focus on project management and consulting, which represents the bulk of its turnover, while outsourcing services account for the remainder of Accenture’s revenues.

Its client portfolio is truly diverse, allowing Accenture to maintain a growing pace of business, as well as the value of its shares. This is evidenced by its provision of services to companies in sectors as diverse as automobiles, goods distribution and tourism. This is not to mention its actions in advising and consulting for companies in the financial sector.

Although it is an American company, the company is based in Ireland. The bulk of its customers are based in Europe and the Middle East, but it is spread across the globe. This company is a benchmark in terms of technological innovation and is positioned as the second largest provider of IT services worldwide, despite the high level of competition in these sectors.

Buying Accenture shares: Advantages

  • It has a long list of clients spread across the globe and in various sectors. As a result, it has a huge cushion against market destabilisations and offers profitability in Accenture shares.
  • It is a company with a proven track record in the area of consulting, which has a positive impact on the value of its Accenture shares.
  • It has a business approach aimed at optimisation and specialisation in technological matters, remaining at the forefront of innovation and development.
  • The application of solutions to different sectors has created a standardisation of processes that facilitates customer service, which in turn translates into an optimisation of its human capital, which adapts to each customer without the need for training over and over again.
  • This company relies on a high commercial visualisation evidenced by its impressive marketing campaigns, which boosts its sales and catapults its customer base.
  • Its popularity and recognition allows the price of the Accenture stock to be maintained in the stock market.

Buying Accenture shares: Disadvantages

  • While the bulk of Accenture’s clients are large corporations, the company has not been able to penetrate fully into the medium and small business market. This could at some point have an impact on Accenture’s share price.
  • Its positioning is due to constant adaptation, innovation and development to cope with the high levels of competition it faces. Its rivals include IBM, NEC, T-Systems, Fujitsu, Lookheed Martin, Samsung SDS, Dell, Hitachi and many others.
  • Price wars and increasing competition within the sectors in which it operates have conditioned the growth in the price of Accenture shares.

How to buy Accenture shares

As you may have noticed, buying Accenture stock is a great way to put your money to work for you. But in this whole equation you need to determine which broker or dealer you are going to use to get a good deal on Accenture shares.

To know how to buy at Accenture, you need to understand what a broker is. Stockbrokers, better known as stockbrokers, are the only brokers authorised by brokerage firms to buy and sell shares, including Accenture.

On the internet you can find a variety of good broker options, however, we recommend the following:

  • eToro
  • Bankinter Broker
  • Plus500
  • XTB

Once you have chosen the broker of your choice, go to their website. There you register as a new user by filling in the forms provided. Verify the information provided and wait for the confirmation email.

After that you can proceed to invest in Accenture by placing this company on the broker’s platform. When you select to buy Accenture shares on the stock exchange, the trade will be placed on hold until the market opens.

You will then be able to review your portfolio and note the presence of the acquired shares under Accenture’s Nasdaq index.

Within the broker you can constantly analyse the performance of the stocks you have bought, as well as value information such as how much an Accenture share is worth per day and choose your best time to invest.

Tips for investing in Accenture shares

When making an investment in the stock market, whether buying a share of Accenture or any other company, there are certain principles you should always keep in mind. These are:

  • There is no such thing as a 100% safe investment in the stock market; there is always an inherent risk in trading. However, keeping yourself constantly informed of Accenture’s share price, studying market movements and keeping an eye on the price fluctuations of these securities will give you the ability to foresee potential risks.
  • Always carry out an in-depth study of Accenture and the stock you are investing in, always taking into account up-to-date fundamental and technical analysis.
  • When investing, use only capital that is not intended for your own emergency funds or that you may need in the short and medium term. It is well known that the safest or low-risk investments are long-term.
  • Accenture stocks’ investment process is an act of logic that requires calculation and understanding, not passion.
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