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Investing in Adobe

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just looking to get started, it’s important to make an educated analysis of promising companies. That’s why today we bring you one of the best to invest in: Adobe.

Buying Adobe stock can be a very cost-effective process, as this is a robust company. Adobe has years of experience, a large number of products and stands out for being the best in its range of options.

Adobe products are used daily all over the world. From university academic areas to professional industries worldwide. Here we tell you more about it.

What is Adobe?

Adobe is a multinational computer software company. It was founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. Since its inception, it has come a long way, becoming the successful company it is today.

Adobe products stand out as excellent tools for editing photos, videos, 3D designs and much more. Thanks to these powerful applications, the marketing industry, graphic design, professional photography and more, has been surprisingly advanced.

Among the various Adobe products, there are some incredible options such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, among others. All of these are currently used for leisure, independent editing, academic use in universities and professional use.

There are also a variety of Adobe products that focus on the Marketing and Commerce area. Among these options, we find software such as Advertising Cloud, Analytics, Campaigning, Real-Time CDP, Experience Manager, among others.

For decades, Adobe has also been known for providing some of the best software for reading, editing and creating PDF files or electronic signatures. This includes free options for reading PDFs, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, or professional programmes such as Adobe Acrobat for creating the files.

Why buy Adobe shares?

For 2019, Adobe reported revenues of $11.17 billion (USD) and $3.27 billion in operating income. Adobe’s total equity for 2019 stands at $10.53 billion. The company currently has 22,635 employees.

One of Adobe’s great advantages is its easy adaptability to difficult situations, such as COVID-19. Many of the company’s operations can easily adapt to remote digital technologies.

This versatility has given Adobe the opportunity to comfortably ride out the problems presented in 2020. To the point that by June 2020, the Adobe share price stood at $390.44 (USD) and by 1 December, it stands at $479.15 (USD). This shows an increase of 22.72% in Adobe stocks.

In fact, in the last 5 years, the Adobe stock price has increased 417.60%. As in 2015 its shares were at $92.58 (USD) and today they have risen astonishingly. Therefore, investing in Adobe presents a safe return, as the company only continues to grow.

Buying Adobe stock: Advantages

  • Steady increase in shares. By 2020, the Adobe share price has increased by 417.60% in the last 5 years and 63.18% in the last year alone. This impressive rise in the Adobe share price makes investing in the company a safe investment, making it one of the most robust companies in the world today.
  • High quality products used worldwide. Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others are used worldwide today. The popularity and incredible functionality of these software, gives Adobe a unique advantage. Being the best in its field.
  • More users use Adobe on a daily basis. Tools like Photoshop continue to become popular on a daily basis. Day after day more lovers of design, image editing and more, acquire licenses of these. Increasing the cost of Adobe shares.
  • Vision for the future. Adobe does not only present tools and plans for today. Its focus is on many areas of applications with a forward-looking approach. It foresees that the company could increase its shares in the coming years.

Buying Adobe shares: Disadvantage

  • Competition from other brands. Although Adobe has little competition today, brands such as Microsoft and Apple are looking to improve their applications. This could pose a threat to the future of Adobe Stock.
  • Global economy. Although the COVID-19 situation may not directly affect Adobe, it does affect its buyers. It could generate falls in Adobe’s licence purchases and lower the value of Adobe shares.

How to buy Adobe shares

It is important that you know how to buy from Adobe. To do this, we explain in just a few steps. The first thing you need to know is which are the best brokers available. These are the following.

  • IFC Markets
  • Investing
  • eToro
  • XTB
  • Plus500

You can choose any of these brokers when purchasing your shares. If you have an international digital wallet, you can deposit money into your account. The steps to learn how to invest in Adobe are as follows.

  1. Log in to the official website of the broker you have chosen to use.
  2. Register your account, enter your personal details and verify your account.
  3. Credit the money you wish to use for the purchase of shares to your account. You will have different methods, depending on the site.
  4. Search for the company in the broker and click on the option to buy shares.
  5. Wait for the verification process and that’s it. You now have Adobe shares, ready to sell whenever you wish, when you see the fruits of your investment.

Tips for investing in Adobe stock

  • Check out the latest Adobe Nasdaq news, knowing how the company is being received by users. This will drive the stock up or down.
  • Check daily how much an Adobe share is worth, so you can sell whenever you want based on the Adobe stock market price.
  • Analyse how the price of the Adobe stock behaves, looking to sell at one of the highest points, when you want to sell it.
  • Learn as much information as you can about buying and selling shares, use of brokers, among others. Even knowing what are the highs and lows of shares and what to do in these cases.
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