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Investing in Airbnb

Nowadays, buying shares in companies like Airbnb is a process that can be very beneficial for us. When deciding to do so, it is normal that some doubts arise such as: Is it a very complicated process? Is it really reliable?To answer these questions you need to get all the necessary information about the company in which you want to invest your money and verify whether it is a profitable option or not. That is why below, we will show you all the information about what it is and how to buy Airbnb, the value of its shares and other data that may be of interest to you.

What is Airbnb?

This is a company that offers a platform where users can contract tourist or private accommodation in the property of their choice. Owners can publish the description of the possible rental contract to be offered. This platform facilitates the possibility of rating the service of both the owner and the guest, in order to help potential new users.Its name Airbnb is an acronym that comes from the English phrase, airbed and breakfast, and it is based in California, United States. Within the company you can find more than 2 million published homes, which are located in approximately 192 different countries. By making a reservation through this platform, you can be sure that you trust the owner, as a system has recently been integrated that asks you to verify the identity of all users.Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has become very popular in its field, and by 2012 the company had booked more than 10 million reservations. The peculiarity of the bookings made through Airbnb is that they are not made in hotels, but mostly in shared houses.Airbnb has a completely free app that is compatible with mobile devices running both Android and iOS operating systems.

Why buy Airbnb shares?

The Airbnb listing is currently not active on the stock exchange. According to some reports, Airbnb’s presence on the stock exchange was planned to become active in March this year, but due to the Covid-19 situation this did not happen.The company filed the paperwork to list on the stock market some time ago, but did not give details of how much an Airbnb share is worth.Some experts calculated the price of Airbnb shares based on the shareholding of its investors. This could be around USD 34 or EUR 29 per Airbnb share. One of the markets where you will be able to find an Airbnb share will be on Nasdaq, although not many details are known about this yet.Airbnb shares will be organised into two types, selling type A and type B shares. The former will be sold to the public and the latter will be only for its creators, executives and major investors. On the other hand, you will find a class H Airbnb share that can be operated by your hosts.Buying Airbnb shares: Advantages

  • The value of Airbnb shares has a good future: At the end of last year the company was valued at approximately $42 million, but with the pandemic this went down to $17 million. If Airbnb shares have the aforementioned price this could rise to around 22 million and more.
  • The company aims to deliver a unique experience: By booking accommodation with Airbnb, you can witness other experiences that would not be possible using common accommodation booking platforms.
  • Its accommodation services are cheaper than those of its competitors: Because of the type of accommodation it offers, you can get much cheaper bookings that do not require a contract that lasts as long.
  • Despite the coronavirus, the company was able to reorganise: Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has restructured its working standards. There are now rules that require users to use all established safety and hygiene methods to prevent infection.

Some of those rules are: in every personal interaction between hosts and guests they must wear face masks, they are also obliged to keep their distance from each other. Moreover, hosts must keep their properties totally clean, following 5 advanced cleaning steps that are endorsed by experts in the field.Buying Airbnb shares: Disadvantages

  • We do not know when Airbnb shares will officially enter the stock market. Although we can see a stipulated price, we still do not know for sure when Airbnb stocks will officially enter the stock market. It is expected to take place in early 2021.
  • When using the platform of this company, you do not have the possibility to cancel the booking: There is no possibility to cancel the booking and in case you want to modify it for any reason or inconvenience, you need the permission of the host.
  • As a self-catering service you will not get the same benefits as in a hotel: You have to do the housework yourself and you have to pay for the food.

How to buy Airbnb shares?

Although Airbnb shares are not yet available on the stock market and we do not know their official price, it is important to know how to buy Airbnb shares in the future in a safe and reliable way. There are several ways to buy an Airbnb share, one of which is by entering into a CDF. This is a financial derivative that works by tracking the share price on the stock exchange. All this can be done without the need to pay any commission through a stock broker.The most common are: IQ Option, eToro, Plus500, Interactive Brokers, ActivTrade and Admiral Markets. Below we will explain step by step how to trade Airbnb using eToro.

  • Register an account on the platform by filling out a form with your details and then log in.
  • Verify your identity by uploading the required identity documents.
  • Transfer the amount you wish to invest (the minimum amount to trade is $200).
  • In the search bar enter the name Airbnb.
  • When you choose the action, click on buy and select the desired quantity.
  • Now just hit reverse and you’re done!

Alternatives for investing in shares

For now we don’t know if Airbnb stocks will go public next year or if their price will be profitable. That’s why we offer you other alternative companies to buy stocks in 2020.

  • Paypal: has seen an increase in revenues since the second quarter of 2020, positioning itself as one of the best online payment transaction companies and the most widely used alternative for digital businesses as the only payment method.
  • PepsiCo: is a food company that, despite the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, is completely stable and has an attractive stock market value per share.
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