Audi Aktier

Audi Aktier

Want to buy Audi Stock or need more information about this company? Read our Interesting guide with live prices and helpfull tips how to start investing in Audi Stocks
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Investing in Audi

This indicates that investing in Audi is probably a good alternative. But stop right there! Before even thinking about buying Audi shares, you should know how the company has been performing in recent years, its strengths, weaknesses and the most relevant stock market data so as not to risk your capital.

All that is what you will see below, and we will also show you how to invest in Audi and which are the best options to do so.

What is Audi?

Audi is a multinational company of German origin dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of high-end automobiles. It was founded on July 16, 1909 by August Horch in Ingolstadt, Germany.

This company has a great history, especially at the time of the ”Great Depression” which was one of the worst financial crises in 1929. This undoubtedly became a problem to be able to produce cars.

By that year, Audi had joined forces with other companies, which were: Horch, DKW and Wanderer, to together form the Auto Union AG group. It is for this reason that its logo is 4 rings that are intertwined, as it is a symbol of the union of the companies.

By 1933, Audi became the leading car sales company for the NAZI party and its army.

In 1966 the Volkswagen company took over Audi by buying all of its shares. Since then and up to the present day, this company is the owner of Audi.

Audi stands out for the great technology it provides to its cars, making use of quality components and making use of innovative systems. All its designs and models are totally independent of their owner company.

It has two plants to assemble its automobiles in Germany, and has other factories in countries such as: Spain, Mexico, India, China, China, Hungary and Slovakia. It is recognized worldwide and has also participated in sporting events, demonstrating the potential of its models.

He has won legendary competitions such as the ”Le Mans endurance race” with the Audi R8 in 2005, and the Le Mans circuit with the Audi R10 TDI in 2006.

Why buy Audi shares?

Audi had been listed on the stock exchange for some time under the acronym AUDVF. It was integrated into German stock indexes such as DAX 30 and TECDAX. Audi also had a presence in Nasdaq, the U.S. stock index.

Audi AG’s share price is worth €1,630,000. And this 2020 has been a satisfactory year for the company despite the crisis caused by COVID-19. For the first half of the year alone, Audi generated a total of 20,476 million euros in sales revenue.

However, the company Volkswagen reported in March 2020, take 100% of Audi shares. Its plan is to position it as the leading brand in R&D. The owner company did not have at its disposal the full 0.36% of the Audi stocks. So now it will be able to have at its disposal the Audi subsidiary and develop R&D activities.

So, will it be possible to buy Audi shares? Unfortunately not. Instead, you will be able to buy stocks, but not directly from the company but from its current owner Volkswagen.

Buying Audi shares: Advantages

Yes, we told you that you can’t buy even one share of Audi stock. But we must still recognize that this company provides great benefits to its owner and its securities. These are:

  • Total brand merger for a purpose. The Volkswagen company bought the total value of Audi’s shares in order to intensify its basis for the future and optimize its business model. The idea is to strengthen the brand and have a unique positioning, which favors Volkswagen’s shares.
  • Project Artemis. Audi is working rapidly on the development of one of the largest innovation projects in automobiles, which are intended to be electric and highly efficient. These models will enter Audi’s premium range and will be introduced by 2021.
  • Stable revenues. Audi is one of the Volkswagen subdivisions with the highest economic revenues and the most profitable in recent years.

Buying Audi shares: Disadvantage

  • Perhaps the only disadvantage now is that you no longer have to study the price of Audi stocks, but must choose to invest in Volkswagen or a similar company.

How to buy Audi shares

Interested in finding out how to buy into Audi? Well, at the moment you will not be able to invest in an Audi share. However, in case you are thinking of buying shares of its owner, one of the best alternatives to do so is through a broker.

Brokers allow you to buy shares quickly and safely, without intermediaries: just you and the company’s shares. Among the best and most reliable are: Plus500, eToro, XTB, and iq option.

The steps to follow are quite simple: register, verify your account, log in, transfer the money you wish to invest, search for the shares by name or acronym and finally buy them.

You can choose the amount you want to buy and the price of the shares you plan to pay, the brokers are completely safe and easy to use!

Tips for investing in Audi shares

As you already know, you will not be able to buy Audi shares at the price stipulated in some stock exchanges, since they are already 100% owned by Volkswagen. The best thing to do then is to get advice from an expert or stockbroker who will tell you which company is the perfect one to invest in in 2020.

You can also choose to look up how much a share is worth in the company that owns Audi and analyze its stock market data to find out whether you should buy Volkswagen shares or not.

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