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Investing in CaixaBank

For 2020, CaixaBank presented investment opportunities with increases of 131.36% during the year. Below, we bring you everything about the company, from its strengths, how to invest in CaixaBank and future opportunities it brings for 2021.

What is CaixaBank?

CaixaBank S.A., is a Spanish multinational company, offering services in the financial area. The company was founded in 2011, however it was formed in 2007, as Criterio CaixaCorp.

At the time of its launch on the stock exchange, the company had the largest IPO in the history of Spain. This demonstrates the great value of CaixaBank shares since the company’s inception.

In 2011, the company was restructured, changing its name and integrating services in the insurance area. CaixaBank has a wide variety of shares in different companies, dividing its assets, in order to have a lower economic risk.

For 2020, CaixaBank offers a wide variety of services for both individuals and companies. Diversifying its investments as well as services, depending on the economic area.

One of the products is AgroBank, with financing and banking for the agricultural industry. There is also HolaBank, providing a focus on family banking. CaixaBank, with a presence in both private banking and premier banking.

CaixaBank has a high level of advice to all its clients, both private and corporate clients. It has an outstanding team of professional investors, who analyze and make decisions to make the best investments.

Why buy CaixaBank shares?

CaixaBank is a very robust economic institution. It has the largest IPO in the history of Spain, which demonstrates CaixaBank’s strong economic position in the stock market. For 2018, the company generated revenues of €4.288 billion (EUR).

In December 2020, CaixaBank’s share price stood at €2.29 (EUR). It recorded share price increases of 28.65% since September, 42.24% since November and 49.67% since April of the same year.

Since September 2020, this company and Bankia have been negotiating a possible merger. This would help create the largest Spanish bank in the country, with a network of assets valued at €650 billion (EUR). This makes buying CaixaBank shares one of the best opportunities in late 2020 and early 2021.

Buying CaixaBank shares: Advantages

  • Possible creation of the largest bank in Spain. By merging CaixaBank with Bankia. Which would provide a gigantic increase to the company’s shares. Making it an excellent investment opportunity.
  • Variety of specialized products for different areas. In agricultural banking, personal banking, private banking and more. So each select group of users will be able to find specific options for them.
  • Large amount of annual revenues. Now we can see how the value of its shares in the stock market is constantly increasing, with the annual income that the company receives. This makes the stock a very good option for investment.
  • Excellent investment opportunities registered throughout 2020. With individual opportunities of up to 49.67%. Even taking advantage of investments during the year, by the end of 2020 we were able to obtain a 231% return on investments.

Buying CaixaBank shares: Disadvantage

  • Stocks have fallen in recent years. This reflects more a blow to the Spanish economy than to the company. However, with the possible merger of banks and the improvement of its revenues for 2020, the company could rebound in 2021. Being one of the best investment opportunities for that year.

How to buy CaixaBank shares

Learning how to buy in CaixaBank is quite simple, here is what you should do. The first thing to do is to choose a reliable broker. For 2020, the options we liked the most for their platform stability, digital security and low commissions are the following.

  • eToro
  • ActivTrade
  • Plus500
  • XTB
  • Charles Schwab Corporation
  • IQ Option

After choosing a broker, you must go through the entire account creation process, to finally buy your share on the NASDAQ CaixaBank stock market. To do this, just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official website of the broker of your choice.
  2. Look for the option to register as a new user.
  3. Fill in the information requested by the system (personal, account and payment information).
  4. Verify your account by clicking on the link you will receive in your email.
  5. Charge the balance you wish to invest in CaixaBank shares.
  6. Search for CaixaBank on the platform. This company trades as BMAD: CABK and BME: CABK.
  7. Click on the buy action button and wait for the confirmation process.
  8. You’re done! You will be able to see your action reflected in the portfolio.

Tips for investing in CaixaBank shares

  • Read the latest news on CaixaBank’s investments and products. Considering the aspects that may positively or negatively affect CaixaBank’s share value.
  • Learn how to analyze, theoretically and practically, the value of CaixaBank shares. This could give you the tools to analyze future changes in CaixaBank’s stock and price and discover investment opportunities.
  • Consider saving regularly in CaixaBank shares. These trade at an affordable price and you can take advantage of regular increases in share value. As in 2020 they increased up to 49.67%.
  • If you have CaixaBank shares in your portfolio, consider regularly reviewing how much a CaixaBank share is worth. This way you can see good opportunities to sell and get a great return on your investments.
  • Consider relying on CaixaBank’s team of professional investors. They make investments that increase the price of CaixaBank shares, which in turn will increase the value of your invested money.

The best option to know how much money you can earn with CaixaBank shares, is the change of CaixaBank’s share price compared to the cost of the past. This company registered for 2020, three investment opportunities. Increasing 35.5% from May-June, 16.3% in September and 46.8% between October-December 2020.

A user who decided to invest in CaixaBank, taking advantage of the three opportunities, would generate an increase of 231.36% of his initial investment. That is, if he invested €1,000 – €10,000, he will receive by December 2020, €2,313.58 – €23,135.82.

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