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Investing in Electronic Arts

These inconveniences and many more have come to an end! We just need to know how to invest in Electronic Arts.

Nowadays this task is not difficult at all. Only by following the recommendations of investment brokers, we will be able to achieve our stock market objectives.

Below, we will present what Electronic Arts company is, how to buy into Electronic Arts and the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring its shares.

What is Electronic Arts?

Electronic Arts Inc. is an American company that is responsible for the distribution and development of video games.

This video game giant is directed by Larry Probst who to date has managed to obtain great profits for the evolution of this company. It is a company that operates worldwide, due to its recognition and its long years in the market.

As the years go by, this great company continues to surprise us with its numbers, achieving recognition in countries such as South Korea, China, England and Canada. Likewise, there are branches in these countries.

In addition, it is divided into 3 subsidiaries which are EA Games, EA Sports and EA Maxis. These 3 subsidiaries focus on different categories of video games, which attracts the attention of different users and makes the Electronic Arts share price rise a lot.

Many of its video game titles and products are seen worldwide, as they are present in professional tournaments and competitions. Such is the case of one of their most famous sports games ”FIFA International Soccer”. Many of these products are visible and can be purchased by all of us at Electronic Arts stocks.

Why buy Electronic Arts shares?

This company has a great experience in the market and is not at all new in it, acting since 1982 when it was founded. This has propelled it to be one of the world’s leading companies in digital and interactive entertainment. Its shares are so important that we can get it in recognized brokerage pages, as is the case of Electronic Arts Nasdaq.

Betting on it should not be hesitated for more than 1 a minute because its numbers are very beneficial for both it and stock investors. In 2018 alone Electronic Arts reached more than $5.1 billion in revenue and profits, according to figures provided by themselves.

Thanks to EA presenting their products to all of us on multiple gaming platforms, (Computers, Consoles and Mobile Phones), they have over 300 million registered players. Which helps very well when bidding on shares and investing in Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts’ turnover has been greatly influenced by today’s technological evolution. However, this is not a bad thing for them because they have known how to take advantage of it.

The largest turnover is in its video games published for consoles, which have more than 70% of turnover. Computer games account for 16% and video games for mobile devices and tablets for 14% of total revenue. This has made the value of Electronic Arts shares rise even higher.

Buying Electronic Arts Shares: Advantages

  • World leader in interactive digital entertainment
  • They have an international sale on Electronic Art stock exchange.
  • They have subdivisions in many countries around the world that cater to many types of players.
  • Not only do they sell their services physically, they can also be purchased digitally in most countries.
  • They have signatures of important partner companies such as Hasbro and some Disney licenses.
  • Annually, they have achieved record sales of products developed by themselves.
  • They have one of the highest fidelity in many of their video game titles.

Buying Shares in Electronic Arts: Disadvantages

  • There is a great deal of competition in the market, which makes the number of Electronic Arts actions vary greatly.
  • Many of their products can become repetitive and non-fans are no longer attracted to them.
  • Their video games and products are often dependent on console developers, so they should be analyzed as well.

How to buy Electronic Arts shares

By now you might want to know how to buy your shares or wonder how much a share of Electronic Arts is worth, it’s not a difficult job at all and even more so when we are here to show you how to do it and who you should turn to when investing in Electronic Arts.

When you want to buy Electronic Arts shares, we recommend you to use investment brokers or financial brokers. Some of them are:

  • Plus500
  • eToro
  • TradeStation
  • XTB

There are not only these, there are many who are able to make offers to guide you and recommend you what action to buy. In addition, they can offer different prices that are accessible to any of us, or who knows maybe one of them will give you free advice!

We will explain below how to invest in 5 simple steps to know the price of Electronic Arts shares:

  1. Register and log in to the broker of your choice
  2. Manage and enter the amount you want to invest in your personal account
  3. Find the Electronic Arts actions section
  4. Analyze and follow the indications of your selected broker or brokerage firm.
  5. Investing and buying shares with the selected broker

Tips for investing in Electronic Arts shares

Finally, we recommend selecting and preferring a good broker to guide you on the path of acquiring shares in this fantastic company. These brokers are experts in stock investments. However, it is true that they should be analyzed calmly because they all have incredible offers which should be observed carefully.

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