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Investing in Peugeot

If you are thinking of investing in Peugeot, it is necessary to know its strategic plans and business model, to make sure you are making a good decision. For this reason, we bring you a complete analysis of the Peugeot company and its stocks where you will know its weaknesses and strengths and how much a Peugeot share is worth.

What is Peugeot?

It is a French car brand that belongs to Groupe Peugeot Société Anonyme, this is responsible for manufacturing various types of cars, tourist, racing and commercial. It also offers services to rent cars, bicycles, scooters, and manufactures kitchen utensils such as: pepper shakers, salt shakers and coffee grinders.The company is considered the second largest automaker in Europe, currently holding just over 15% of the market. It has production plants in Germany, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Slovakia, France, Hungary, England, Poland and Russia.Thanks to his cars he has won numerous awards over the years: he has won 6 times the car of the year in Europe, 9 times in Spain, 5 times in Italy and 2 times in Ireland.In racing he has won 5 times the World Rally Championship, 7 times the Dakar Rally, 2 times the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, 2 times the World Endurance Championship and 3 times the Intercontinental Rally Challenge Championship.

Why buy Peugeot shares?

Before buying a Peugeot share, you should know the reasons why it could be a good opportunity or a disadvantage for your capital. First of all, Peugeot’s share price is listed in the A section of the NYSE Euronext and within the CAC 40 index. There are currently approximately 904,000 Peugeot shares outstanding. Another reason to buy Peugeot shares is that being a company with so many years of experience, it is known that it has kept working non-stop to position its company at a good level. This gives us the certainty that Peugeot’s shares and its price is maintained in the stock market and generates profits for its investors.Their main objective is to manufacture and distribute products with the latest technology. The cars are made with an engine that not only uses less gasoline, but also adds power and speed.Peugeot shares on the stock market until 2019 exceeded €19 million, this and all the above makes the value of Peugeot shares continue to rise more and more every day.The assets are made up of 45.03% from foreign institutions, 12.23% from Dongfeng Motor International Co, 12.23% from the Peugeot group itself, 8.39% from French institutions, 2.03% from company employees and 1.25% from the company’s own holdings. The remaining shares are held by individual investors.

Buying Peugeot shares: Advantages

  • Excellent positioning in the area: Peugeot is the best vehicle manufacturer in France and the second best manufacturer in Europe. It is also ranked seventh in the world, thanks to the manufacture of products in the medium and high range.
  • The company is competitive not only in the area of vehicles: To get out of a crisis, the group reduced the number of car models and optimized its production capacity by obtaining modular plants. All this was supported by the marketing strategy that has been applied.
  • Develops products with the future in mind: Lately, it has been designing and manufacturing vehicles that save both gasoline and energy, in the case of electric cars.
  • It has a great business strategy: Peugeot is a company that is always looking to innovate and totally redesign its models. Thanks to this, it is excellently positioned in different markets worldwide.
  • It always seeks improvement in each of the areas in which it works: In the area of banking services, it recently allied with important groups, allowing it to increase its profitability and expand its market even more.
  • The price of Peugeot stock is low compared to its competition: The shares of its biggest competitor Volkswagen are a bit expensive, but Peugeot stock has a price of just over 19 euros.

Buying Peugeot shares: Disadvantages

  • The company is somewhat exposed to the decline of the British pound against the euro, resulting in lower sales in the United Kingdom.
  • It has strong competitors. Sometimes this does not help the company to grow as desired.

How to buy Peugeot shares?

Knowing how to invest in Peugeot is not complicated and here we explain it to you. You just need to use a website that serves as a stock broker. On the net you can get many types, each one has different strategies to buy a Peugeot share. Some of these brokers charge commissions to be able to operate, others have a minimum amount to buy.The most common platforms to buy stocks are: Plus500, Admiral Markets UK Ltd, IQ Option, Trade, Degiro, eToro, among others. Below we will show you how to buy Peugeot, using the eToro broker.

  • Open an account on the platform by filling out a form with your data and then log in.
  • Transfer the amount you wish to invest and in the search bar enter the name of the Peugeot stock company.
  • When you choose the stock, press buy.
  • Now choose the desired amount, press the invert button and wait for confirmation.

There is also another way to invest and that is by doing Copy Trending. It is in charge of copying the financial behavior of the most successful investors of the broker and thus enjoy the same income as them.We will show you how to invest in Peugeot shares in Boeing. Through this method you only have to follow the following steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Use the tool to search for people and choose the inverter to copy, you can filter the results if you wish.
  • When you choose the investor of your choice, you will see all the information of his profile.
  • Then just click on the copy button, choose the amount to invest and that’s it!

Tips for investing in Peugeot shares

  • If you use Copy Trending it is of utmost importance that you first study which are the investors with the lowest risk of loss, those with the highest profits and other investment characteristics.
  • Devise an investment plan: Set a profitability goal, so you know how much you can invest and for how long.
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