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Investing in Pfizer

A clear example of this is Pfizer, one of the most recognized companies in the world for its wide variety of pharmaceutical products and their quality.Investing in Pfizer may be a good option for 2020 and 2021 due to the stupendous liquidity it has had in recent years. However, before even thinking about making this deal, it is important to know about the company, its progress, strengths and weaknesses.To do so, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the company, its stock data and even how to buy Pfizer.

What is Pfizer?

Pfizer is the world’s leading brand in the pharmaceutical market. It was founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and his partner Charle Erhart. At the beginning, it was a company that produced chemical formulas, and it was in 1880 that citric acid, manufactured by the company itself, came to light.By 1936 Charles Pfizer and Company (its name by then) manufactures and markets vitamins. Later, the company becomes the first producer of penicillin and terramycin.The company later distributed its laboratories in the United States and Spain, where it produced anti-inflammatory drugs and other medicines such as Viagra. Its growth was constant and rapid.Today they are a group that develops drugs in various areas of medicine such as: endocrinology, nutrition, vaccines, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, rare and infectious diseases, biotechnology and animal health.For more than 150 years, Pfizer has been offering its consumers pharmaceutical treatments to extend their lives. For them, innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry is important, which is why they are constantly working to manufacture quality and safe products.The German company contributes with research for new medicinal formulations and immunization vaccines from its laboratories. That is why by 2020 it has worked together with the company BioNTech on the vaccine for COVID-19, which has been a success for a Turkish immigrant family in Germany.

Why buy Pfizer shares?

Buying Pfizer stock can be a good alternative. The reason? The company provides dividends of approximately 4% annually to its investors.Pfizer’s stock is listed on the NYSE and the Dow Jones index and is open to the general shareholder public. Pfizer shares can also be found on Nasdaq under the acronym PFE.Thanks to its capacity for innovation and its high visibility worldwide for the production of medicines, it has generated substantial revenues in the last quarters of the year. So much so that its shares have seen an upward trend of 12%.In addition, for production of the COVID-19 immunization vaccine, which is being used in more than 7 countries on an emergency licensed basis, Pfizer’s revenues are estimated to be €26.5 billion (equivalent to $23 billion) by 2021. This does not include net profits from other drugs and treatments.

Buying Pfizer shares: Advantages

  • International pharmaceutical production. The company has a large distribution of medicines in more than 50 countries in the world, where the United States and Spain are its main source of income. This gives Pfizer shares stability and the possibility of increasing them.
  • Company with 150 years of history. Its recognition and experience in the pharmaceutical industry is what gives investors the confidence to buy a Pfizer share.
  • Investment in research and development. Innovation in a company is what produces constant growth and that is precisely what Pfizer does by investing in new research and development of medicinal formulas.
  • More employees, more production! To date, Pfizer has employed more than 100,000 employees in its company. This is an advantage for improving drug productivity and increasing sales, which in turn boosts Pfizer shares.
  • Coronavirus vaccine. As one of the first industries to develop a vaccine against this virus, the company has gained popularity and consumer confidence. This has led to a slight increase in the value of Pfizer shares.
  • Stable economic future according to Morgan Stanley. Due to the production of the new vaccine, Morgan Stanley estimates that the company will have a high level of revenues for the next few years and that earnings will be in the range of approximately 7.7 billion euros. As a result, Pfizer stocks are likely to increase in price.

Buying Pfizer Shares: Disadvantages

  • Robust competitors. Although Pfizer has a good position in the stock market and worldwide as a pharmaceutical industry, we cannot forget its strong competitors who can affect the profitability of the company’s sales by producing innovative products.
  • Image affected. Due to the illegal marketing of a drug, Pfizer found itself in the middle of a controversy that gave it a bad image with its consumers. This led to a drop in Pfizer’s stocks.
  • Low revenues for the beginning of 2020. At the beginning of 2020, the spread of the coronavirus also generated an economic crisis and a drop in the company of 24%. This also led to changes in the Pfizer share price.

How to buy Pfizer shares

The best way to buy a Pfizer share is through a broker, which is nothing more than a secure and reliable platform where you can view statistics, performance, lows and highs of your shares.In case you are a beginner, a good broker option is XTB because it has a minimum deposit and lower risk. Below, we show you how to invest in Pfizer with XTB:

  1. Create an account with XTB by filling out the form with your personal information.
  2. Deposit the amount you want to invest. The minimum deposit is $10.
  3. Log in and search for Pfizer shares where you will also see their real-time price.
  4. Select the ”Buy” option.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to invest, the number of Pfizer shares you will buy and the time frame for the order.
  6. Wait a few minutes and that’s it, you now own Pfizer shares!

Tips for investing in Pfizer shares

  • Analyze how much a Pfizer share is worth on a daily basis, so you can know when to buy and when to sell.
  • Find out about Pfizer, its latest developments, revenues, economic downturns, etc.
  • Take advice from stockbrokers or shareholders who have already invested in Pfizer shares and see from their experience whether it is a good idea to buy shares in the company.
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