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Investing in Snapchat

If you want to know how to buy Snapchat, we recommend that you first learn about the company and analyze its movements on the stock market to see if it will be an opportunity that will increase your capital.Below, we provide you with relevant information on one of the companies in the technology sector that has an excellent position for 2020 in the world of social networks. In addition to knowing its pros and cons, you will learn how much a Snapchat share is worth and how you can invest in it.

What is Snapchat?

It is an instant messaging application for smartphones, where you can share multimedia files. You can also take augmented reality photos with the different filters it offers. All multimedia files can be shared with the users you want or just downloaded to the device used.It has a very popular feature currently, where messaging will be available for an estimated time, usually 24 hours. This is done by the user through the publication of stories.It is developed by Snap Inc, based in California, United States. The application is available for free for both Android and iOS systems, allowed only for those over 13 years old.Snapchat is currently one of the most popular applications in the world. As of 2017, Snapchat added a function to make group stories and created geofilters, which show the user’s location in real time. Recently, the company launched an update that allows users to make video calls whenever they want.

Why buy Snapchat stock?

After learning important information about the company, we will give you some reasons that will help you choose Snapchat stock in the stock market as the best investment.The Snapchat action is active in several marketsSnapchat’s first listing was in 2017 on Wall Street, with a price of $17 for each share. Snapchat shares are currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the acronym SNAP. Also, Snapchat is integrated into the Nasdaq stock index calculation.Snapchat stock is also available to the Mexican public through the Sistema Internacional de Cotizaciones, the platform of the Mexican Stock Exchange.Since its inception on the stock market, Snapchat’s share value has risen sharply, causing it to surpass $30,000, surpassing one of its biggest competitors, Twitter.Has acquired other companies to optimize its servicesIn 2016, it acquired a Canadian company called Bitstrips, which offers the creation of avatars personified in comics. In addition, it also obtained an application called Vurb, which supports getting and saving user experiences.Buying Snapchat shares: Advantages

  • It has a large number of users: Snapchat is currently estimated to have more than 166 million users around the world. According to experts, that number is growing by approximately 36% on average.
  • Unique features that differentiate it from its biggest competitors: Unlike other image sharing networks, it allows the user to automatically delete the messages they want. Moreover, the application is also more secure, all this so that users can interact without any problem.
  • It has a business strategy based on a specific audience: The company has decided to apply a strategy that attracts more young people, since this population is very helpful for the future progress of the application. In order to obtain a clientele that can stay with it for a long time.
  • Use an interface that is more attractive to the eye: The company created an interface that works more with visual content than with written content.
  • Snapchat’s share price is cheaper than those of its competitors: The price of each Snapchat share is just over US$44.

Buying Snapchat shares: Disadvantages.

  • Great competition in the market: Despite the fact that they have totally different models, the constant comparison with their competitors means that users often prefer to use other applications such as Facebook or Instagram, instead of Snapchat.

How to buy Snapchat shares?

The most common way to buy Snapchat shares is by using a stock broker. These can be traded from wherever you want and with which you can trade at your leisure.Each one has different investment characteristics, some work with minimum amounts to operate, others with international markets or from a specific location.The most used worldwide are: eToro, Plus500, Degiro, Interactive Brokers, XTB, ActivTrades, IQ Option and Admiral Markets. The choice is only up to you, but we recommend you to use IQ Option to buy Snapchat shares.IQ Option broker is totally safe to invest, it is regulated by CNMV, CySEC and ESMA. It works with shares of more than 190 different companies, it also offers the possibility to open two types of accounts, a demo or an unlimited one.Also, to buy Snapchat shares we recommend using Plus500 broker which you can use with an unlimited account. To do so, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Create your account by filling out the form on the screen and log in again.
  • Deposit money into the account, choosing the method of your preference.
  • Fill in the form on the screen to finalize the transaction. You should wait a few minutes until the funds are active.
  • Then you must search for the stock, click the + button and type Snapchat in order to purchase your stocks.
  • Then select the category called stocks and click on the Snapchat shares you wish to trade.
  • Finally, you have to place all the elements to create a low or high position.

Tips for investing in Snapchat shares

  • Study everything about the market: Learn how to analyze it by first researching all the basic concepts used when investing in Snapchat stock.
  • Research the best time to buy: Before starting, it is best to analyze how the stock is doing at the time of trading, whether it is rising or falling.
  • Determine the type of investment you wish to make: To do this, devise an investment plan to know how much you can lose or how long you can invest in the stock.

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