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Investing in Unilever

Below, we’ll guide you through how to invest in Unilever and the best tips you can use to learn about this company and see if it’s right for your investment portfolio. Ready? Let’s get to it.

What is Unilever?

Surely you have used personal care products branded ”Axe”, ”Rexona”, ”Dove” or even tried a drink branded ”Lipton”, well they all belong to Unilever.They are a multinational company active in the market since 1929. At that time, they were only based on the production of products based on oils and fats. However, currently they managed to acquire numerous corporations and brands, which has positioned them well in the Unilever stock market.After Unilever began acquiring these brands, it was able to expand around the world and not stay in its place of origin. Its main headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. Its main production is currently based on personal care products. However, it is not their only source of income, since they have brands that distribute food and condiments for them.By ceasing to produce and invest only in food brands, they were able to focus on producing health and beauty brands. This greatly boosted Unilever’s stock to a better position in all investment standards.

Why invest in Unilever?

As you can see, Unilever is not a small company, with more than 400 acquired brands that generate large numbers annually. In addition, 25 of these brands account for 70% of sales and profits, generating more than 1 billion euros annually.Investing in Unilever is a step that should not be questioned, because it has good ideals and presents a significant long-term production. As of 2014, the company stopped investing in the majority of food production to focus on cosmetics brands. This generated many benefits in the market and ushered in a new era of business evolution.The Unilever group has partnerships with large companies, such as PepsiCo. Who together created a company that is responsible for producing, in large quantities, Lipton Teas. These teas are still produced and distributed all over the world today.Unilever’s share price has been well influenced in recent years. This is due to the fact that it has high positions in some of the most important stock exchanges in Europe. Unilever managed to reach them thanks to the fact that its production became very diversified, reaching all continents of the world.Some of the stock exchanges of which Unilever is a member are Euronext and the London Stock Exchange. Both contain primary listings. This company has even reached important stock exchanges, as is the case of Unilever Nasdaq.Buying Unilever shares: Advantages

  • They contain very good globalization in all aspects.
  • Leading Russian market leader in skin care products
  • Its asset value exceeds 46 billion euros.
  • They have a great diversification in all their products and brands, which allows them to gain positions in markets around the world
  • They focus on large-scale production, generating very high sales rates.
  • They have acquired a great deal of experience in the market due to the years they have been in the market.
  • Its investments in companies do not fall below US$800 million, and some of them exceed US$1 billion.
  • The possibility of generating massive losses is very low, thanks to their diversification and expansion.

Buying Unilever shares: Disadvantages

  • They have a large number of competitors in the world market.
  • Its personal care products are often easily imitated.
  • Unilever sometimes relies solely on its retailers to market its products in some countries.
  • Some of the company’s partners stopped investing in the company because of its food products.

How to buy shares in Unilever?

It is evident that Unilever is a company in which we will be able to stock without worry. But for sure you will want to know how to buy Unilever shares and how to take advantage of them in the right way, don’t worry. We will explain in detail what is the right way and what steps you should follow to do it.The primary and most recommended is to get the advice of an expert in the stock market. We recommend following financial brokers or also known as investment brokers. They will be in charge of evaluating, analyzing and even recommending you which is the best cost in Unilever stock price. Some of them are:

  • eToro
  • Darwinex
  • Binomo
  • Plus500

All that remains is to know how much a Unilever share price is worth and, above all, to know if it is worth investing in them! If you want to check it yourself, just follow the 5 steps described below:

  1. Choose a reputable broker and register on its website.
  2. Debit the amount of money that you wish to action
  3. Locate Unilever shares
  4. Follow all recommendations of the selected broker
  5. Invest in a Unilever share

Tips for investing in Unilever shares

We have a few last recommendations to give you before you invest in this company. The most basic thing to keep in mind is that the stock market is huge. So with so many companies offering their shares and how the market evolves, the value of Unilever shares can vary a lot.It is best to get a good guide with experience in the stock market to recommend the best time to invest in Unilever stocks. As well as the investment brokers defined above.

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